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Quilts for Kids

Quilt for KidsAugusta Rodgers, a 12-year-old girl from Winona, Minnesota, heard about the Sheila’s Shawl project and wondered if she could start a project for the children of domestic homicide victims. We said, “of course” and that’s how the Quilts for Kids project was launched.

Augusta has had the help of her grandparents and has already gathered several quilts to give to kids. She has included a simple quilt pattern (below) and would love to have kids or adults make these quilts and send them to her, along with a photo of the quilter with her/his quilt. We would appreciate if you would send these quilts directly to her since this is her program. She will love to see your creativity and have the experience of sending these along to other children. This would be a marvelous school or church project in which an entire class could be involved in the quilting process. If they included their photo or a note with the quilt, the children receiving the quilt would know how much love was sent to them.

Also if you know of children whose mothers or fathers have been murdered in acts of domestic violence please send or email their names and addresses along to Augusta as well.

Quilt for KidsHere is Augusta’s invitation to all of you:

Quilts for Kids is an organization that gives kids quilts whose mothers or fathers have been murdered in domestic violence. When sewing a quilt, we ask that you pray or meditate care, love, strength, and healing into the quilt when you are making it and when you are finished. The pattern of the quilt can be simple or hard. Whatever you make, I guarantee the child will love it. If you would like, you can send a letter about yourself and a picture with the quilt.

Augusta's Quilt:

6" squares
10 squares x 13 squares (130 squares ).
Fabric is the same except for 6 squares in the middle.
The 6 squares in the middle are in rows 6, 7, and 8--blocks 5 and 6.
With 1/2" seams, the finished size is approximately 55" x 71"

For the backside of the quilt, I suggest a sheet, flannel, cotton or muslin material. The larger material widths can be purchased at fabric stores and in fabric or craft departments in discount stores such as Wal-Mart. I also suggest that the quilt be tied at the corner of each quilt square using yarn. This technique is easy and quick for beginning quilters.

Suggested sizes are Augusta’s size (55” x 71”), small twin (53” x 85”), or larger twin (63” x 85”).

Please deliver or send your finished quilt to:

Augusta Rodgers
Quilts for Kids
c/o Women's Resource Center
77 East 5th Street
Winona, MN 55987

If you would also send $7.50 to cover the postage to send the quilt, I would very much appreciate it. If you have any questions you can contact me at

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