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Paul's Scarves

We encourage you to knit (or sew or weave) scarves for the men who've lost sisters, mothers, or daughters to domestic violence. We are doing this in honor of Senator Paul Wellstone, who died tragically in a plane crash in October of 2002, along with his wife, Sheila, his daughter and staff members. (See Sheila Shawl story link on home page) Paul fought tirelessly to end domestic violence and we want to honor his memory in this way by extended his caring to men who have felt the pain of domestic violence.

We would like to call these scarves Paul's Scarves in honor of Paul although all of these patterns originated as a form of the Seaman's Scarf. We are indebted to those knitters on line who were willing to share these patterns freely. We have chosen two simple patterns that you can knit easily. But if you would like other lovely and perhaps more challenging designs, refer to the web sites below. Some of these scarves were designed or knit as a result of other tragedies so they will fit right in with the cause that we are pursuing.

As with the shawls, please knit comfort, healing, hope and love into the scarf so that the person receiving it will feel those feelings when he wears it. This intention in knitting affects the knitter and it certainly helps the recipient. Thank you for your interest and generosity in this project.

Men speak out about domestic violence.

Read the thank you messages from those who have
received shawls and scarves.

CAS Seaman's Scarf

Materials: 4-ply 4.5 oz acrylic. Makes one scarf. Wool yarns can be used as well. Just find yarns that knit the same gauge.
Needles #6, wool needle for joining yarn and finishing garment
Gauge 5 sts=1" Garter Stitch (knit all rows)

Directions: Cast on 32 sts with medium tension.
Knit even (garter stitch) for 14 inches
k4, P4 for 18 inches
Knit even (garter stitch) for 14 inches
Bind off with medium tension (do not block)

We have found that this pattern is more interesting if you purl a row occasionally on the wrong side so that a row of knit stitches appear on the right side. Or try a purl row (wrong side), a knit row (right side) and another purl row. This gives an occasional stripe that makes this pattern more interesting. Also a way to even up the edges and give the scarf a little more body is crocheting just a single stitch around the edge, not to add a border or a scallop but to secure the edge evenly.

A variation on this pattern:
Cast on 36 stitches

Multiple of 6 stitches
Row 1: *K3, P1, K1, P1; repeat from *
Row 2: *K1, P1; repeat from *

Repeat these two rows for desired length, 14 inches

Work in K2 P2 rib for 16 inches

Multiple of 6 stitches
Row 1: *K3, P1, K1, P1; repeat from *
Row 2: *K1, P1; repeat from *

Repeat these two rows for the last 14 inches and then bind off.

Variation #2:
Cast on 36 stitches

Multiple of 6 stitches
Row 1: *K3, P1, K1, P1; Repeat from * to end
Repeat this row to desired length

Work K2, P2 rib for 16 inches

Multiple of 6 stitches
Row 1: *K3, P1, K1, P1; Repeat from * to end
Repeat this row to desired length. Bind off.

This scarf section of the web site was organized by Helen Naleid, and the permission for this scarf pattern was given by Ms. Barbara Clauson, Christmas-at-Sea, the Seamen's Church Institute, 241 Water St. NY, NY 10038. The two variations were suggested by Rita Taylor.

Seaman's Scarf Summary

Matt and Matthew Scarves from Myrna Stahman

When you have completed the scarf please send it to a Silent Witness Coordinator in your state. These coordinators are listed on our web site - Please make sure to Include your name and city.

If you are able to send $10 for packaging and shipping of your scarf, we would appreciate it so much. Write the check to Silent Witness. Thanks again for your generosity in this healing project.

We would like you to contact your local Silent Witness coordinators to distribute the shawls but if you do not receive a response from them or they are not prepared yet to do that since this is a new project, please contact the closest of these other five distribution sites:

Local Silent Witness Coordinators: State by state listed on this web site under About Us/Coordinators

New York: Rochester/Ithica area: Loretta Scheg, Legal Services Advocate and founder of knitter's guild.

Pennsylvania: NCJW of Pittsburgh Contact: Sheri Minkoff 412-421-6118

Rhode Island: Nancy Rafi, SW National Coordinator, 401-847-2798

New Jersey. Lesley Frost, NCJW

Be sure to send your name, address, and telephone number along with the scarf. We like to keep track and we love to send out our special thank you notes.

A personalized card will accompany each scarf.

Thank you note for those who have made a scarf.

Silent Witness is a non-profit organization so your contribution is tax deductible. If you would like to include an additional donation we would be most grateful.

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