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Sheila Shawl Extravaganza Shawls

There are four beautiful shawls available as part of the Sheila Shawl Extravaganza.  Each one is $150 and anything over $75 is tax deductable.  Shipping and handling is $10.  Insurance is available for an additional cost.  Please contact Janet Hagberg if you are interested in purchasing a shawl that  is truly "one of a kind".

Amber Waves of Grain Shawl

O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain. You can almost see the gently flowing waves of grain in this undulating patterned shawl. The sparkling sun adds its own shimmer reminding us of the bounty and beauty of our homeland. Wear this shawl with the same pride that you feel for your country.

Description: Threads of fine gold yarn weave through this white patterned wool shawl. You can just imagine the sound of the knitting needles as they create this jaunty open pattern across the shawl. Rectangular shape 20” wide x 36” long including fringe.

Sponsor, knitter: Jan House

Fireworks Shawl

This shawl explodes with the vibrant colors of the rainbow. Like fireworks bursting open in the mid-summer night sky, this shawl will awaken your senses. Watch how it adds spark to your life.

Description: Square in shape, with a wide gently ruffled border, this shawl has three distinct knit patterns that add to its intrigue. It is generously sized to include a friend; wrap up a baby, or spread on top of a bed. Multi-colored mohair and viscose blend. 48” square.Sponsor, knitter: Edrie Zweber

The knitter describe her feelings about being part of this project: I wanted to do what I could to give support to these survivors of senseless domestic violence. Death is hard on the survivors; violent senseless death is the hardest of all. Grief is personal; everyone grieves in their own way.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Delicious colors of the rainbow inspire this shawl--butter yellow, dusty rose, deep purple, persimmon, sky blue, sage green, pale lavender, cranberry. royal blue, raspberry, brown and teal. What a symphony of color. It makes you want to sing.

Description: A large butterfly shaped shawl with a soft mohair shell-patterned center, and cascading rainbow colors radiating out to the wings. An interesting combination of mohair and wool yarn. 92” around the shoulders x 33” vertical length (back view).Sponsor, knitter: Shelly Britton

Reflections by the knitter:
I am delighted to be able to design and knit a shawl for this event. My intent in my shawl design was to portray elements of healing and connection. Flowing water is calming to me, so that is represented in the center section of the shawl. It could suggest a roaring waterfall, an ice-cold brook washing over the stones, or even a slow and mighty river. In the "wings" of the shawl, I wanted the colors to have a feeling of rising up, and of increasing light. As it happened, the yarns I used for this project were "leftover bits" from other people, collected over several years' time. In this way, the shawl is a statement of abundance, and of sharing and connection.



This shawl echoes with the pride and rich heritage of women who passed down the patterns and love expressed here. The shawl is a cascade of gentle turquoise lace, intricately designed and knit from the memory of generations of creative knitters. This is one you could find in your grandmother’s heirloom chest.

Description: Subtle diamond shaped lace patterns of wool, cotton and silk, edged with a scalloped border. The entire shawl drapes around your shoulders in a form-fitting half moon shape. Its gentle turquoise hue whispers your grandmother’s love in your ear. 58” around the shoulders x 24” vertical length (back view)

Sponsor, knitter: Nancy Ruehle

The knitter reflects on her reasons for being involved in this project: I have never experienced physical abuse. I have experienced what I would call emotional abuse and it took a long time to learn that I was a worthwhile person and didn't need to put up with that. I donated a shawl that I knit. I think it relates well to the cause because knitting is a good self-esteem builder. It stimulates your brain, it is relaxing and it creates beautiful, useful items. It’s all good. And we need a lot more "ALL GOOD." I hope the receiver of this shawl can feel valued and loved for having received it.


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