Silent Witness Figure Cut-outs, Materials and Directions

For Figure and Stand
1/4" red Sentra board
2 metal handles
No paint necessary for Sentra board


Also available in printer friendly (pdf) format 

For Shield

1/16" - 1/8" gold Sentra board
The shield should be attached with Velcro
No paint necessary for Sentra board

Also available from Fast Sign Inc

Shields gold plastic stock (approx. 1/16th " thick) $10 each.
Shield copy on pressure sensitive (black on clear) stock which Fast Sign can apply (or the user can apply) to the above mentioned shields. The cost of the copy panel is also $10 each.

For Shield Lettering
Overhead transparency sheets
Macintosh or IBM computer, laser printer
A basic graphics software package for text and shield outline 
(A hand trace of the the outline will also work.)
For Storage and Moving Bags
Trouser-Weigh black cotton/rayon 
74" X 29" (plus hems) rectangle 
Sealed with velcro at one end of the short side of rectangle; all around the outer side of the bag are two loop straps made of same fabric doubled (1 1/2" wide) and stitched to the bag before side seams are finished.

Please note that red is the only approved color for these figures.

Source A

These are all custom made. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

If you would like to buy ready - made figures of Sentra board please contact :
Durwood Lassiter Silent Witness Program
PO Box 298
Willow Springs, NC 27592
Phone: 919-247-4226 (cell number)

Children figures $95.00 + shipping
All Adult figures $125.00 + shipping
One shield s included with each silhouette. Additional shields are $10.00 each


Each silhouette includes a stand and crest. Additional crests are available for $10.00 each. 
The figures are made out of 1/4" Sentra board which is a hard plastic material and virtually 
maintenance free. No painting is ever needed.

Source B

FASTSIGNS, 601A Skokie Blvd. Northbrook , IL                    
(847) 2917446; fax (847) 291-7450

Ready to stand, lightweight, Silent Witness Figures in a variety of colors.  Each figure comes with it’s own integrally attached support for ‘instant standup’ and easy take down, transport and storage.

Contact:  Bryan Grewe – email:

Materials:  Figures are made of durable 4 mm corrugated plastic which is color fast, lightweight and won’t chip or crack.  Shields are made from a luster-finished gold plastic.

Custom design figures are available upon request. 

                              Price*1           Size          Color   
                              (each)              (w x h)        (Figure/Graphics)

Female      $80.60       24 x 69      red
Male         $80.60       24 x 69      red
Child         $55.10       15 x 45      red
Shield       $ 4.40       8 x 9         gold
Legend     $10.00       8 x 9          black on clear*2
*1   plus packing and shipping if required
*2 Applied or ready to intall *2  Please forward your electronic file toAttn: Bryan  

Quantity Discounts:  -  5% @ 10 figures or shields or legends
                                    - 10% @ 20 figures or shields or legends
                                    - 15% @ 30 figures or shields or legends

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