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The table below is a history of successful Silent Witness events held around
the country. Feel free to hold an identical event or to modify a plan to your liking. If you would like more information please contact us or the listed event coordinators.

If you have an event of your own that you would like to share with us, let us know and we will add it to this list.


Who has held this event before

Ideas to use
during event

Memorial vigil

Used along with workshop presentation in CT; also, at Cathedral of St. John, Providence, RI

Jan Fuhr, Connecticut, Nancy Rafi/Melanie Martin, Rhode Island

Bagpipers lead Witnesses into church, light candles in memory of loved one, purple ribbons with SW names attached to wear on lapel
Take Back the Night rally Providence College, Bryant College, University of Rhode Island, Roger Williams University, Salve Regina University Silent Witnesses of Rhode Island Use Witnesses in college/university campus marches, set them up in student unions, use speakers at the rallies, connect to Women’s Centers on campuses.
Use music with Witnesses Lake County, Ohio Dorothy Lemmey, Ohio Have a church member write a song with SW names
Radio presentation California Casey Gwinn, San Diego, CA present information about SW on local rdio call-in forum.
Present Witnesses at your state Capitol Montana Jerri Miller, Montana Get your Witnesses sponsored by the Lt. Governor of your state
Present the Witnesses at High School Assemblies California Joanne Coghill, LA Jr. League Use the Witnesses during a high school or middle school assembly - use videos, speakers, have local radio station with music, tables set up with info.
Use Witnesses at local companies to increase awereness of DV in the work place Ohio Kim Lust Used Witnesses to line hallways at State Farm Insurance Company
Display Witnesses at local outdoor fairs in the summer Rhode Island Nancy Rafi Used at a Women Sharing Strength arts / crafts fair in Wakefield, RI
Use Witnesses in the windows of stores, schools, etc. Rhode Island Nancy Rafi Used in the windows of the University of Rhode Island, backlit at night.
Use Witnesses in a vigil sponsored by men Maine Susan Fuller Used by men in Portland, Maine along with other events they sponsored.
Have your Governor declare October 18th Silent Witness Day Michigan, Rhode Island Nancy Mooney
Nancy Rafi
Have done this each year by calling Governor's office.
Have bagpipers lead your march or play in honor of a SW Rhode Island Nancy Rafi Called the RI Highlands Bagpipers to ask for their support - one of their players was a SW from 1994.  They always play in honor of her memory at no cost.
Use Witnesses at local conferences Connecticut Jan Fuhr Used Witnesses at an all - day educational conference
Use Witnesses in police department lobbies Ohio Patrick O'Donnell Have Witnesses in the lobby of local police departments.
Display Witnesses at local government buildings Montana, Arkansas, Washington Jerri Miller, MT
Kerri Bangert, AK
Bonnie Linscott, WA
Displayed at the Malmstrom Air Force Base and also at Little Rock Air Force Base, and Seattle Naval Air Station.
Give "retired" shields to family members at a ceremony. Wyoming Sharon Montagnino Made felt envelopes for each of the "retired" shields and give to family members as "new" Witnesses are made.
Use Native American drummers in a ceremony Wyoming Sharon Montagnino Use drummers as part of a ceremony, along with dances of various cultures
Use the "clothesline" project along with the Witnesses Illinios, Rhode Island, Alaska Debra Mize, IL
Nancy Rafi, RI
Marcia McKenzie, AK
Used at a library in Illinois, and on college campuses in RI, at a Federal building in Alaska
Have a church sponsor a play Illinois Debra Mize Have a local church produce and perform a play, and have a candlelight vigil afterwards
Display the Witnesses on the front lawn of a church Ohio Dorothy Lemmey Displayed SW on the front lawn of a church on a local highway.
Use plastic dry cleaning bags over Witnesses when there's inclement weather Maine Wayland Linscott Asked owner of a dry cleaning store to supply bags for Witnesses to be seen outside on a rainy night.
Display Witnesses in a Dr's office Iowa Sharon Boulden  
Use the Witnesses at Medical conventions Indiana Jimita Pottter Witnesses were displayed at Indiana Medical Association state convention
Bring Witnesses to local hospitals for display Maine Susan Fuller Used at Mercy Hospital in Portland, Maine at an educational meeting for the staff
Display Witnesses at local malls Maine, Rhode Island, Minnesota Susan Fuller, Nancy Rafi, Melanie Martin, Judy Nelson Displayed in Maine Mall in Portland, and in Warwick Mall in Rhode Island, and at the Mall of America in Minnesota
Pass out buttons and stories of Witnesses for attendees at conferences Michigan Nancy Mooney Had SW pins and stories of several Witnesses at each seat
Have your local police department declare a "day of arrest". Mississippi Pat Davenport Have your PD concentrate on arresting all delinquent cases of DV
Use the Witnesses on Mother's Day Minnesota Dotty Heydinger Used the Witnesses in a St. Paul church service

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