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2nd March to End the Silence, Providenc, RI May 2004

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October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Silent Witness Fact Sheet

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. Here are just some of the events leading up to Domestic Violence Awareness Month and during October:

September 21 - IT'S TIME TO TALK DAY 2006 sponsored by Liz Claiborne and Redbook.

September 26 to 28 - The Allstate Foundation holds its 2nd Annual Economic Empowerment Conference, Patchwork Economics: Building Careers and Creating Alternatives for Survivors. The Economic Empowerment Conference will be held in Washington, DC

September 28 - CAEPV Executive Director Kim Wells and Liz Claiborne Vice President of Associate Relations Dennis Butler present at the Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence - UK first Annual Conference in London

October 3 - McLean County Government presents the Silent Witness Display at the McLean County Law and Justice Center

October 4 - CAEPV Executive Director Kim Wells participates in DECADE FOR CHANGE SUMMIT I in Washington, DC

October 8 -14 - State Farm Great Lakes Zone provides information and awareness on domestic violence to employees in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan

October 16 - CAEPV Executive Director Kim Wells presents at the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence Annual Meeting

The National Council of Jewish Women St. Louis Section


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