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Latest News:

Most recent research

Silent Witness Publishes a New Book called Results

The Silent Witness National Initiative just published a cutting edge book detailing how each state and major city is doing in reducing its domestic homicide rates for women. THE NEWS IS GOOD. Hope is rising.  Twelve states have exceptionally low rates of domestic homicide and twenty-six cities have had either one or zero domestic homicides of women for one year.

In addition to showing these results, the book describes a newly emerging philosophy of healing which is gaining momentum within the domestic violence movement. For this healing to work we need broad collaborations within the movement and the implementation of successful Results Projects that have reduced or eliminated domestic homicides. For copies of Results, email us at or call 6120377-6629. The cost of the book is $7.00 (includes shipping).

Bringing About Change With Results Projects:

We held a successful march in Washington and now we are moving full speed ahead to launch marches with the Silent Witness figures each October 18th in every state. We are replicating several successful results projects nationwide that have reduced or eliminated domestic violence. In two years, there are already 190 projects started in 38 states.

Court Watch
The courts are responding well to the multiple Court Watch programs around the country. We are becoming colleagues with judges who are as interested as we are in helping the system work better for survivors and in finding effective ways to work with perpetrators.

Stosny Treatment for Perpetrators
Independent research on the Stosny Treatment program for perpetrators shows that it is working even more successfully than Dr. Stosny's original research. It has an 87% success rate in eliminating battering behavior in court ordered males and a 78% decrease in verbal violence, all of this with a 15% drop out rate (average drop rates are 50%).

DART and Mississippi Models
The DART and Mississippi abuse prevention models used in churches and synagogues are showing encouraging results in the healing of anger and intimidating behavior.

Coordinated Criminal Justice Program
Several cities have dramatically lowered their domestic violence homicide rates with this model.  Quincy, MA has had one female domestic homicide in twelve years.

Get Involved

Everyone is getting into the act. Would you like to be part of the hope and the healing of this country? Please read on and then contact us at


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