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This is a warm note from Sheila Wellstone's chief aide, Molly Willson, when she found out about the shawl project:

Hi Janet. I'm so glad to learn about the Sheila's Shawls project that you initiated. Sheila would think it was just great! Both Sheila and Paul loved working with you and with the Silent Witness Initiative. Over the years they spoke many times of that first march in D.C. - I can tell you that something about that day gave it a special place in their hearts. Loosing them is so sad for us all. Sheila and I used to joke that we weren't co-workers we were more like sisters and some days like mother and daughter. I feel like I have lost both a sister and a mother. Please know that she spoke often of you and of the many women working to end domestic violence through the initiative.

I feel a strong need to write to so many people to tell them things that Paul or Sheila said about them, about their work, etc. I know that people would love to hear it - and many would be surprised. The March on DC with you is one of those things on my list. It wasn't just a blip on their screen. For Sheila, especially, it was a defining moment to see a MN grassroots effort become something so monumental. She
once wondered aloud "of all the projects we know of...what will be the next silent witness" what she meant was - what will have the momentum and what will grow like Silent Witness has grown. Isn't that a fun thing to hear?! My best to you, Molly Wilson

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