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How To Get Involved


We Need Your Help

We are looking nationwide for successful domestic violence programs that actually reduce domestic violence, whether in the home, on college campuses or in the workplace. We are especially interested in men's treatment programs that have a high rate of success over time, campus or high school date violence programs that can show a reduction in campus assaults or a definite attitude change, church or synagogue intervention team approaches that reduce family violence, hospital programs that reduce emergency room use or hospital stays, rural programs that reduce violence. If you are involved in or know of any such programs please notify us as soon as possible. We plan to replicate these programs nationwide through our network and to publicize them in an annual publication called Results.

To Get Involved

We have wonderful state coordinators for Silent Witness exhibits in each state. Contact them directly if you would like to be involved with Silent Witness and the healing of domestic violence in your area. Or email to ask for the information from our main office.

The originators of the Project have written a book called The Silent Witness Story: Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence. Details about fundraising, patterns for cutting out the figures, and helpful worksheets are included for those interested in recreating the Exhibit themselves. To order it call one of the Silent Witness National Initiative offices below or visit our products site. The cost is $14.95 plus shipping and handling. Be sure to contact the National Office before embarking on any plans to create an Exhibit for your state, so we can support your efforts. Please realize this involves a long-term but highly rewarding commitment.

To Join Silent Witness

If you would like to be a partner with us in healing this country of domestic violence you can join our Silent Witness team. A donation is not required to be a part of Silent Witness, however if you want to help out please send a check to the National Office address listed below. If you prefer to pay with Visa or Mastercard just call us. Your donation is tax deductable. Click here for our contact form.

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