Finding a Web Site Host and Uploading

I.    Finding a server to host your web site:

  1. Do an internet search on "free web site hosting".   You will find thousands of sites that will host your site for free.

  2. Read some of them to see what they provide:

  1. If you want to just skip the above, one site that meets the criteria above is   If you use this site, you will need to choose a name for your site, such as "BaltimoreWitness", then you will probably be assigned the web address "" (they will send your address to by email).  Note: this server uses "default.htm" as the name for your home page.

II.    Uploading: (This will use as an example the brinkster site, others will be different, but will be similar)

  1. Go to the brinkster home page (

  2. Log in with your user ID (such as 'BaltimoreWitness')and password (such as "G7$op3")

  3. Your "root directory" starts out with just default.htm in it.  Your home page will also be called default.htm and will overwrite the one that they supply for you (it just says that this site is under construction).  Your other pages will be called something else, like assemblyDay.htm, dedication.htm, marchOnWashington.htm, etc. and you will have pictures that are linked to your pages such as sawing.jpg, painting.jpg, cityCouncilSpeaker.jpg, senatorWellstone.jpg, march1.jpg, march2.jpg, etc.  Scroll down to the five lines that have the "Browse" buttons next to them.  You will be able to upload five files at a time.

  4. Click a Browse button.  Navigate to the file you want to upload.  Click on it.  Click Open.  Repeat this with the next Browse button until you have all your files or have used up the five lines.  Then click Start File(s) Upload.  It may take a minute for them to upload so be patient. 

  5. Once they have been uploaded, it will give you a status,
    Uploaded File 1... defalut.htm
    Upload File 2... assemblyDat.htm
    Upload File 3...sawing.jpg
    Upload File 4...painting.jpg
    File Five was empty    (for instance if you were only uploading four files). 

  6. If you had more than five files to upload, next "Click 'here' to return to the file manager" and continue uploading the remainder of your files.

  7. When you are finished uploading your files, in the "*File Manager" page, click the "LOGOUT" button on the left.  Now you can log onto your site and see how it looks (e.g.:

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