How to Create Your Own Web Site for Your Silent Witness Project


            There are two steps to creating a web site.  First, you must create the web pages that will be used on the web site, then you will need to find someone to host your web site and upload your pages to it.  I will describe how to do each of these and give an example. 


Creating Web Pages


            I will assume that you have knowledge of how to do word processing in some word processing package such as Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Works, Gedit, etc.  Producing each web page is as simple as creating pages of text in one of these word processor programs.  Ideally, you will have access to a web page editor such as FrontPage, but it is not necessary, Microsoft Word will save pages produced in it as web pages (more on this later).


General Considerations:


1          Keep pages short, generally, all of the information on any one page should show on your screen without having to scroll down, or at most the information should not exceed twice the height of your screen (so you won’t have to scroll down too far).


2          Make your pictures 72 dpi (dots per inch), this is screen resolution and anything higher will not look any better on a viewers screen and will take longer to load onto their computer (especially over a modem).  Also the format for pictures should be jpg or gif, do not use bmp or tiff, these are not compressed and will be many times the size of a jpg or gif and will take correspondingly longer to load to a viewers computer.


3          Do not try to put too much on one page, although many commercial sites have a lot on their pages, they are trying to sell advertising space and the more ads they can fit, the more money they make.  But it makes the page look cluttered and you can’t find what the main focus of the page is. 


4          When putting pictures on a page, it will look better if you alternate sides of the page with some text next to each picture like this:


Title of Page




Text about picture





Text about next picture

Next Picture


            rather than all the pictures down the left side, or center your pictures


5          Include links to the page you came from and to your home page as well as links to other pages in your site as illustrated in this page.


6          If you choose a background color or special headers, use the same color on all your pages so that users will know they are still on the same web site, and if users leave your web site on one of your links, they will immediately know that they have left your site by the change in color and header.


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