Creating Web Pages Using FrontPage 98


Note: If you have a different version of FrontPage, these directions may not be exact, but will be similar to your version


1    Launch the FrontPage program.  You will see at the top (in the blue bar at the top of the page) “FrontPage - [New Page 1]”.   To make this show something different (such as “Our Community Silent Witness Project” for your home page, or “Pictures During Assembly” on that page, etc)


a    Click File-Page Properties, then (if it is not already),

b    Click the General Tab, type the name you would like to see at the top of the page and click OK.  This is not the name of the file, just the name that shows at the top of the web browser. 


2    Now you can save your file, do:


a    File-Save As

b    In the File Name box, type a name for your file: for your home page, type either index.html or default.htm (you will learn more about which one to use in the Finding a Web Site Host and Uploading page), or assembly.htm for your Pictures During Assembly page.

c    Click the Save button


3    Now you are ready to type your text, just as you would any word processor.  Use indent.jpg (949 bytes) to get left, center or right justification of text.  Use upLowCase.jpg (668 bytes) to increase or decrease font size.  And again just as in any word processor, numBulletIndent.jpg (1149 bytes) gives you automatic numbering, bullets, and left and right indent of paragraphs.  You can get more font effects with Format-Font.


4    To insert pictures, do:


a    Copy images that you will use to the same folder that contains your web page files.

b    Insert-Image

c    Click on the image name that you want to insert and click OK

d    If desired, click on the image and click the left, center, or right justify buttons indent.jpg (949 bytes) to move your picture to different locations


5    To create a hyperlink, follow the single or double letters as appropriate


a    If you are linking to one of your other web pages on your web site, then type the word(s) that is to be linked, such as “Pictures During Assembly”, or “home”, highlight the word(s)

b    Click Insert-Hyperlink

c    Click on the yellow folder with the magnifying glass

d    Click on the file you want to link to, such as “assembly.htm”, or “index.html” respectively for words listed in “a” above

e    Click OK and you now have a link to another page on your web site.


aa   If you are linking to a web page that is not on your web site, such as the home page of  Silent Witness National Initiative, highlight the words as you did above

bb  Click Insert-Hyperlink

cc   In the URL box near the bottom, type the full address such as then click OK


6    Be sure to save your work with File-Save


That’s all there is to it, you have just created a web page, now continue in the same manner with your other pages.  Please be sure to create a link to the Silent Witness National Initiative web site near the bottom of your home page.


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