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Silent Witness College Program

The Silent Witness College Program is a natural progression from the established national project. Several schools participated in the early stages of the initiative with exhibits and joining the march in Washington, D.C. Our goal is to continue recruiting schools to bring Silent Witness to their own campuses. Over 40 schools have already participated in the past several years with countless others expressing interest on a daily basis. 

The issue of domestic violence is uniquely important at a college level. Many people are making their own relationship decisions for the first time. Perhaps their relational role models have not been healthy ones. Silent Witness provides an ideal opportunity for education, awareness, and promotion of healthy, non-violent relationships for all students, faculty, and staff within the college community. 

Silent Witness can also open opportunities for the following activities:
  • Can become part of an international campaign to end violence against women.

  • Provides an ideal outlet for a campus-wide project that can focus a spotlight on the challenging issue of domestic violence in the college community. It can involve just one student group or the entire campus. Silent Witness provides chances to include everyone from college administration, clubs, fraternities and sororities to campus security and maintenance workers. 

  • Brings the Silent Witness program not only to their college but also to the town or city where the school resides. This offers a meaningful way for the college to contribute to the local community.

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