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September 11, 2012
Greetings Silent Witness Leaders!
            My name is Jen Stanley and I am one of the College Coordinators.  I am writing to ask your help.  Over the past few years, the Silent Witness Initiative has experienced tremendous growth with new chapters being created in communities throughout the world.  The power of this program is amazing and it comes as no surprise why so many people want to become involved to help end the violence. 
            The challenge is that we’ve lost track of some of our state and local coordinators and do not have an accurate and up to date list of all of the lives that are being honored with Silent Witness silhouettes.  In an effort to have accurate information about each of you as Silent Witness leaders as well as a comprehensive list of our Silent Witnesses, I ask that you take a few minutes to answer the questions listed in the “Silent Witness Role Call”.  The intention of gathering this information is to connect new volunteers to the Silent Witness coordinators and chapters that are closest to them geographically, as well as connecting folks together to work on events and programs that promote the mission of Silent Witness.  I often have college campuses looking to start a chapter and they don’t know what Silent Witnesses already exist in their area and what Silent Witnesses still need to be created.  Having this information gathered in one place will be a valuable resource. 

Please email your responses to me at .  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (401) 254-3161.

I thank each and every one of you for the difference you are making with your time, energy and dedication to the Silent Witness Initiative!!

Peace and love to you,

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