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BEST PRACTICES” title: _______________________________________________________

What is the relevance of this topic to the Silent Witness Initiative audience?

Has your program been evaluated? ___________ What results? ______________

Has your program been used by a Silent Witness project?  ___YES    ___NO

If YES, which project? ______________________________________________________

Number of presenters who would speak at this conference:  ___Male ___Female

If selected to speak, I will need the following A/V equipment:

____TV/VCR       ____Microphone/podium         ___tape player       ___Overhead projector

____laptop w/ overhead equipment       _____flip charts and markers   ____Other_______________

An exhibition area will be set up in the lobby of the conference area.  Will you need space in the room to sell or leave out relevant materials?   ___YES   ___NO   (If not chosen to speak at the conference, you are still invited to have materials available in the lobby for participants to take home).

This conference will take place at the Westin Hotel. Will you be staying there? ____YES___NO

All presentations are limited to 30 minutes in length.  As the conference is only a total of 4 hours, space is obviously limited.  Those who have been chosen to present will be notified by October 30, 2003.  Please remember this will be an international audience, and practices should be able to be replicated easily by everyone. 

Submission deadline is October 1, 2003.  Mail submissions to: 

Silent Witness Best Practices Conference, 22 Calvert Street, Newport, RI USA 02840.

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