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The Silent Witness Initiative, an international group that honors and remembers the women, men, & children who have been murdered in acts of domestic violence around the world, has chosen Providence, RI to hold its second international “March to End the Silence” in May 2004.  The first march was held in Washington, DC in 1997, and brought together 2500 people and 1500 red silhouettes to march through the streets.  Next year, our goal is to have more than 3000 participants from around the world, the largest gathering of Silent Witnesses to date, gather in the Rhode Island capitol city, with life-sized red silhouettes telling the stories of those in each state or country that have lost their life at the hands of a loved one.  Will you consider adding your voice, and help us bring hope & healing to those left behind?  Here’s how you can participate:

Friday, May 21, 2004 7:00PM
WELCOME RECEPTION at Westin Hotel Ballroom (host hotel)
Everyone welcome - but please register first!
NO COST - hosted by RI Attorney General's office & Silent Witness of RI
Slated to speak:
RI Attorney General Patrick Lynch, with AGs from 8 states
Janet Hagberg, Executive Director, Silent Witness National Initiative
Nancy Rafi, National Coordinator, Silent Witness Initiative
Melanie Martin, President, Silent Witness of RI
Providence Mayor David Cicilline
Slide show of Rhode Island Silent Witness projects

Saturday, May 22, 2004 9:00AM
$25.00 - please register ahead of time (reg. form online)
Slated to speak:
Janet Hagberg, SWNI
Nancy Rafi - logistics of March to End the Silence at 1PM
Nancy Carolyn Kwant, Peace at Home, Massachusetts
Rose Weaver - excerpt from play "Menopause Mama"
Slide show of Silent Witness Initiative - how it began, where we are now, on to the future
Awards ceremony for various Silent Witness projects around the world

Saturday, May 22, 2004 1:00PM
MARCH TO END THE SILENCE on the statehouse lawn
Please order march tee shirts online for each state/country
Please order state/country banners on line
Slated to speak:
Janet Hagberg
Nancy Rafi
Kim Wells, Executive Director, Corporate Alliance to End Partnership Violence
Attorneys General from around the US
Mark & David Wellstone, sons of late Sen & Mrs. Paul Wellstone, MN
Sheila's shawl presentation to families
Families of Silent Witnesses
Dean Esserman, Chief, Providence RI Police Department
Richard Ferruccio, President, RI Brotherhood of Correctional Officers
Shiloh Baptist Children's Gospel Choir
Feminist Voices
Ally Morgan, singing "Silent Witness"
Leslie Monaghan & Canadian group, signing "I'll Stand in the Rain"

Sunday, May 23, 2004 9:00AM
Westin Hotel Ballroom
$35.00 per person - please register online ahead of time
Presentations by:
Rosemary Boerboom, Self-Mastery batterer's intervention project
Adreena Harley, Troy, MI Hospital SW project
RICADV, Media Matters workshop
SCREAM Theatre presentation, Ruetgers University, NJ
Jennifer Stanley, SW National College Coordinator, College Program presentation
There will be tables set up at the Westin Hotel during the entire weekend with information on Silent Witness projects from around the world. There will also be tables with items for sale on Saturday & Sunday - tee shirts, posters, bumper stickers, programs, photos, etc.

($2000 Dove sponsors – includes name & logo on printed materials, table for sponsor information in foyer, opportunity to speak at event, and 4 seats at conference)

This is such an incredibly powerful event, and provides a chance for world communities to come together to remember their loved ones, obtain essential information for working in the field of domestic violence, and give help to those still living in abusive relationships.  We anticipate heavy national media coverage for our events (CNN covered the march in 1997) and we’d like to invite your participation – won’t you add your support to our healing work by sponsoring one of our events in May 2004?  Together, we can end domestic violence murders and help heal the world.

This event is open to ALL Silent Witness projects & friends throughout the world.

Our goal is to have ALL 50 STATES & 10 countries represented

To participate in the second national March to End the Silence and “Best Practices” Conference

please fill out the Registration Form, “Best Practices” Conference submission form and Hotel Information Form.

Questions?  Please email Nancy Rafi at

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