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Dear Friends,

It's Thanksgiving time again and I am forever grateful for the intangibles
of life; for love and thoughtfulness, faith, humor and forgiveness. I am rateful for friends and family, and even, in my saner moments for those
with whom I've had much difficulty. They are my teachers. I am grateful for all of you since I know that everything that is good and just and healing about Silent Witness is carried forward by you, day after day after day.Thank you all. You are Silent Witness angels.

Amber Ewing (Parole/probation officer, Charles County, Maryland), Kate Singer (Court Watch, YWCA, South Bend, Indiana), Lorraine Smith (Diocese of Venice, FL, new SW exhibit for 50 churches), Nancy Kramer (Director of Volunteer Services, Family Center, Charlotte, ND, new children's SW figures)


This note from Kate Singer about an exciting venture in South Bend:

Thanks for the information. I am in South Bend, Indiana. Our YWCA started a court watch in 1996 and it was active until 1999. Part of my job description is to restart the court watch program. I've been on the job for almost two weeks. I have an interesting perspective because for the last five years I have been a deputy prosecutor working on domestic violence cases. I am very excited about the challenge ahead and really appreciate your help. I'll keep you posted!

*This is so encouraging, to see the revitalized Court Watch in South Bend on its way. Please do keep us posted. We'll be anxious to see what happens.

Here's a bright light for the religious communities in South Florida, from
Lorraine Smith:

I chair a Domestic Violence Task Force for our Diocese in Venice, Florida and have found your Silent Witness display to be a profound and powerful way to get the message across. Our diocese has 10 counties in its boundaries in southwest Florida and I would like to create a display that can go on tour throughout our 50+ church communities. Our diocese also has a web site and I would like to inquire how we might create a link by using the candle banner on your home page. Continue to be a "beacon in the darkness" !

*We're all beacons, Lorraine. Thanks for the light you are bringing to this subject within the church. We are elated by this large possibility.


It is so exciting to hear from our friends in Hungary via Gyorgyi Toth and
the organization NANE:

Budapest, Hungary Speakout and Commemoration of Victims of Domestic Violence in Hungary. This is our first march, and this is the first ever DV speakout in Hungary.

NANE Women's Rights Association is organizing a march on Sunday, 24 November 2002, the eve of the International Day Against Violence Against Women. The march starts at the building of the Supreme Court and goes to the Parliament building where survivors will tell us their stories.The march is to honor the victims who died as a result of domestic violence.

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