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Nov. 14, 2005

Dear Friends,

Hello everyone. We are now winding down from October and all of the awareness events. I have been getting a lot of emails inquiring about the exhibits that people saw! Now is the time to make new exhibits and recruit new groups to do programming for the month of April. Now is the time to start everything so that it does not build up! I am very proud of this organization and all the awareness that has come out of just the month of October.
A few things are being updated. The website is now going to have all of the new coordinators that have volunteered and the new contact information. This will be a great resource for all the new people that would like to start new exhibits.
The second update that I have is that the new statistics are done. They are just being double checked so that we know the count and numbers are right. Still pending the verification of the numbers, the homicides have gone down overall each year! This is awesome news! Keep reading the newsletters and checking the website for when the numbers are up there.
The third update is that Silent Witness has a new email address. Please send all of your emails there. This is so we can keep the email consistent throughout the years no matter who is coordinating everything. It is silentwitness2010@gmail.com

I would like to welcome our new newsletter subscribers:

Julia Campbell in Hampton, VA
Penny Paparteys in Delran, NJ
I would also like to welcome and thank the people who are going to start new exhibits in their area or bringing an existing exhibit to the area!

Julie Kasak Martin in DuPage, Ohio for the YMCA
Kristina Chroninger in Tacoma, Washington for Pacific Lutheran University



We now have an official job description:
The state coordinator keeps track of who in the state have exhibits. Some coordinators have regular correspondence, usually by email, with the groups. They are the contact person for someone who would like to start a new exhibit. They share the shield stories they already have in order to help people not repeat the work that was already done. Some may recruit new SW exhibits as well. Some may coordinate the donating and borrowing of an exhibit for people to use across the state. Some sponsor an event in October for everyone to come to, but others just publicize the events of others. They also keep in touch with us by email or phone to let us know what is happening, keep us up on emerging issues, ask for advice or other things they needed. This may take two to three hours a week in email correspondence. During busier times it may be up to four or five hours.

As you can see we still need many more coordinators! I know that there are people who help and loan exhibits across the state automatically so it would be great to get the information out there for everyone.

I realize that there are people who play this role already. If so then all I need is your contact information so when people in your state need help I can get them to the right place!

I would like to thank the people that have taken on the amazing role of state coordinator this week:

Stephanie Whitehead Georgia Director/founder of Violence Intervention Inc
Annie Warmke Ohio
Cindy Wolfson llinois National Council of Jewish Women, Chicago North Shore
Aly Morgan-Alessio Tennessee
Julie Miller Pennsylvania

What's Up with Sheila's Shawls?
Let's knit Sheila's Shawls and Paul's Scarves!
Welcome new state coordinators
Delaware Tracy Hommell

New York Trisha Ryan

What¹s happening with Sheila¹s shawlsŠ

The National Co-coordinators are working very hard at adding state coordinators to our list. We still need several people to help with many states.

We have asked for state inventories to help us see where the needs are and where the surplus of shawls and scarves might be so we can help balance and meet needs better.

The focus has been within each individual state and helping the states meet their needs.

We are working with the Local Yarn stores in through out the state to complete Shawls in Progress. These shawls are started in the Local Yarn shops and knit by different customers as they come in to the shop. The information about Sheila¹s Shawls and Domestic Violence is shared and the need for volunteers is distributed. We have about 100 shawls started in the state of Minnesota.

Totino-Grace High School students have been knitting and crocheting shawls and scarves for Sheila¹s Shawls and Paul¹s Scarves. They will be blessing approximately 50 items at their Thanksgiving Mass on Wednesday, November 23, 2005. " We are so happy that we can do something to reach out to the survivors of domestic violence. We let them know that they are not alone and that someone cares for them and wants the best for them. Knitting a shawl or scarf is just one small gesture that I, as a student can do. There are privacy restrictions that seem to prevent me from giving time to the shelter, so I help in other ways."
Corinne Y. (age 15)
May there be domestic peace in every home.
Renee Youngberg
Sheila's Shawls and Paul's Scarves



From Lois Herman

No to Domestic Violence! Conference 2005
“Good Practices” November 11-12
ITÜ Maçka Campus, Istanbul

Organized with the belief that the only way to successfully combat domestic violence in Turkey is through forming wide-scale coalitions and permanent collaborative efforts with all involved parties, the conference will comprise presentations focusing on best practices in these areas:

• Awareness-raising campaigns, including those aimed at involving men
Provision of protective and empowering services for battered women: Shelters, hotlines, counseling centers for women
• Role of the private sector in combating domestic violence
• Role of the state in combating domestic violence: Legislation, enforcement, and national action plans
• Trainings: The police, healthcare providers, jurists, educators, social workers, women, and men

New York
From Tiffany Card:
These two events occurred in Rockland County New York with the Silent Witness Project as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
During Domestic Violence Awareness month, five members of Student Activists Ending Dating Abuse (S.A.E.D.A) from Pearl River High School, in Rockland County, New York are making their fellow peers and classmates aware of dating and domestic violence. They are putting together a series of statistics and announcing them over the loud speaker during the morning announcements as well as using the Silent Witness cut outs around the school.
They want to make their peers aware of the abuse someone can inflict on an intimate partner and how to prevent it through education. Through powerful statistics and stories, they hope to educate other students from Pearl River High School so they don't become another statistic.

As part of the awareness raising efforts about Domestic Violence, Rockland Community College with the assistance of Rockland Family Shelter, participated in a New York Statewide March on October 26th. A resolution was passed and introduced by Senator Hassell-Thompson proclaiming October 27th a day to "Walk With Me".
Students, professors, survivors, family and friends marched silently around campus carrying signs with messages of support for those who are victims and survivors of domestic violence. Silent Witness were displayed along the corridors.

From the CAPEV update:
Violence Against Women Act -- On September 28, the House of Representatives passed the Department of Justice Reauthorization bill H.R. 3402 by a vote of 415-4. The Department of Justice bill contained many DOJ VAWA provisions but did not include any non-judiciary provisions. A Manager’s Amendment was approved by 225-119 votes and included 10 amendments to the bill. Click HERE to view the amendments. On October 4th, the Senate passed VAWA bill S. 1197 by unanimous consent. Now that a version of the bill has been passed in both the House and Senate, the bills move to the conference committee process where differences between the bills will be reconciled. Visit the NCADV VAWA 2005 page for all the latest news on the reauthorization.
House introduces Victims of Violence Confidentiality Act -- On November 3rd, Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) introduced the Victims of Violence Confidentiality Act, H.R. 4225, an amendment to the Help America Vote Act of 2002. The proposed legislation would require states to keep confidential the address of any registered voter who has a protective order protecting him/her from domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. The legislation also applies to anyone who has an affidavit stating that he/she is a victim of one of those crimes. The Act also keeps confidential the address of any registered voter, such as a son or daughter, who is living with the victim.
Congresswoman DeLauro learned during last year's election that many victims of violence fear registering to vote because their abusers could locate them through voter rolls. "Victims of violence have already experience trauma, and should not be further terrorized by the possibility that their abuser can obtain contact information through voter rolls," said DeLauro. "States must keep voter registration lists confidential so that the democratic process is not out of reach for victims of violence."
(Our thanks to CAEPV Member NCADV for these updates!)


Since the Family Justice Center in Brooklyn opened its doors less than four months ago, approximately 1,000 people have come through the doors and used its services. As Brooklyn Executive Deputy District Attorney Wanda Lucibello writes (quoting Casey Gwinn) "Build it, and they will come!"
Thanks to CAEPV Members Altria Group, Inc., The Avon Foundation, Lifetime Television, The Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation, and Verizon Wireless for their support of the Brooklyn Family Justice Center -- you should be very proud to know your support is being put to such good use by so many so quickly!
Jacquelyn C. Campbell, PhD, RN, FAAN and Anna D. Wolf, Chair and Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing have received funding from NIOSH to do a study of workplace violence of all kinds (from harassment to emotional abuse to physical and sexual assault) by all kinds of people (co-workers, patients, patient's families, own family members including intimate partners) against nursing personnel. They will be looking at prevalence and health (mental and physical) outcomes as well as work related outcomes - satisfaction, termination etc. over time, and also doing a qualitative component of intimate partner violence survivors. We look forward to hearing the results from them as they come out!

Thank you for reading and have a lovely Thanksgiving with those that you love!

Cassie Pritchard

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