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October 14, 2005

Dear Friends,

            October has been so amazing so far! I have received tons of emails letting me know how the exhibits have gone and what has been happening in the different states. With all of this hard work we are working toward reaching the goal of ZERO domestic homicides in 2010. FIVE years away and with programming and work like yours we are closer to the goal and reaching more people nationwide and internationally!!          

I would like to welcome our new newsletter subscribers:
Jessica Souleyrette in Norton, VA
Melissa Coleman in Davenport, Iowa
Maddie Blomgren in Princeton, NJ
Sheila Pierce in Edgewood, MD
Becca Laverty in Garner, NC
Deb Baryski in Olean, NY
Keita Franklin in Ft. Belvoir, VA
Daphne O’Hair in Las Cruces, NM

I would also like to welcome and thank the people who are going to start new exhibits in their area or bringing an existing exhibit to the area!

Tiki Derrickson from Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center in Western Kentucky
Kristina Chroninger from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington


New Mexico
North Dakota
South Carolina


We now have an official job description:
The state coordinator keeps track of who in the state have exhibits. Some coordinators have regular correspondence, usually by email, with the groups. They are the contact person for someone who would like to start a new exhibit. They share the shield stories they already have in order to help people not repeat the work that was already done. Some may recruit new SW exhibits as well. Some may coordinate the donating and borrowing of an exhibit for people to use across the state. Some sponsor an event in October for everyone to come to, but others just publicize the events of others. They also keep in touch with us by email or phone to let us know what is happening, keep us up on emerging issues, ask for advice or other things they needed. This may take two to three hours a week in email correspondence. During busier times it may be up to four or five hours.

As you can see we still need many more coordinators! I know that there are people who help and loan exhibits across the state automatically so it would be great to get the information out there for everyone. Please let me know if there are state coordinators and I just do not know or if there isn’t if you would like to volunteer!

I would like to thank the people that have taken on the amazing role of state coordinator this week:

Shirley Erhard in South Dakota with the South Dakota Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Inc.

Donna Brennan in New Hampshire with Colby-Sawyer College

Helen Peña in Connecticut for the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Angela Bouchard in Massachusetts

PLEASE SEND ME EVENTS FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH! I love email and phone callsJ Please remember I am here to help in any way possible please just askJ
From Patricia Grant McKenna:
I just wanted to drop you a line to THANK YOU for all of your help with my Silent Witness project here at Saint Francis Hospital.  We had the event today and it was just AWESOME!  I will send you pictures for the newsletter!  We had victims families speak and other community leaders and it was very powerful.  For the remainder of the month of October we will be displaying our SW's throughout the hospital in memoriam.  Thank you again for your help and support!

From Carlleen M. Cairns:
The First Annual Brevard County Presentation of the Silent Witness will be Sunday, October 16, 2005 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm on the Cococa Campus of Brevard Community College. For more information call 321-638-3971.

From Dr. Patricia Ann Davenport:
            We held our first Christian youth summit- daring to be different-stopping teen relations violence on Saturday, October 1, 2005, we had 150 youth from 9 different churches to participate.    We are having a community night out on October 6th, entitled "A Family Affair" in Greenville, MS, sponsored by Our House, Inc.

On October 14, 2005, we will be having a community March to end Domestic Violence in Washington County co-sponsored by the local law enforcement departments, four high schools, two elementary schools, Our House, Inc. and the Domestic Violence Task Force.  We have a least 200 participants confirmed for the March.

We will be having 12 Silent Witness silhouettes on display throughout the month at several churches within three counties of the MS Delta.  We will be conducting 6 school presentations on preventing dating violence to four counties in the MS Delta.

From Pat Lupson:
Montgomery County, Maryland has been displaying An Empty Place at the Table and the clothesline for Domestic Violence Awareness month.

The Empty Place at the Table was shown before the County Council and left on display for the day.  A proclamation was given for the efforts.

There was a very elegant "opening" to the public on October 5, 2005 at Kentland Mansion.  Government officials and police officials were present, along with county citizens.

The table represents eight men and women that had been murdered as a result of domestic violence in Montgomery County.

The "table" is now "traveling" throughout the county in various shopping centers.  Literature is being handed out by local high school students to those that stop to view the table.

The concept was brought to Montgomery County as a result of my daughter and two grandsons being part of this same type of display in Pennsylvania in 2003 (they were murdered in 1993 by our son-in-law).

From Rennee Youngberg:

Here is a press release from an announcement made by the St Paul Police Department, October 11, 2005.

 Saint Paul Police Department
367 Grove Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101

October 10, 2005

Press Conference: October 11, 2005, 9:30 A.M., on the 17th Floor of the Ramsey
County Court House to Announce that $386,000 Has Been Awarded to Establish the F.L.A.R.E. Initiative
The First Light Accountability/Audit Response and Enforcement (F.L.A.R.E.) initiative is a collaborative effort between the Saint Paul Police Department, the
Saint Paul Intervention Project, ISAIAH (faith-based organization), Saint Paul City Attorney, Ramsey County Attorney, Ramsey County District Court, and Ramsey County Community Corrections. The initiative is designed to enhance the investigation of domestic violence and promote victim safety.

Flare has three components:
(1) The formation of a response team to provide immediate and increased
intervention in domestic crimes. The team will consist of police and victim advocates who will concentrate on cases with chronic offenders or those assessed with high lethality potential. The response teams will concentrate on the Eastside of Saint Paul where 44% (7,728 annually) of all 911 domestic
violence calls in Saint Paul were generated in 2004; (2) An accountability audit will evaluate how victim safety and offender accountability are incorporated into the functional components of the criminal justice system. Results of the analysis will be used to develop and implement recommendations; And

(3) create a system to flag crimes committed by chronic offenders and
violations of orders for protection so that teams of police and probation officers can focus additional resources on these cases. The combined efforts of police, prosecutors, courts, corrections, non-profit and faith-based organizations
will work to improve:
1) police response to domestic violence and violation of protection orders
2) victim safety
3) city and county attorney charging rates
4) arrest rates in cases where the suspect has fled before police arrive
5) aggressive monitoring of chronic offenders

The following will be participating in the press conference:
Saint Paul Police Chief John Harrington, Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner, Saint Paul City Attorney Manual Cervantes, Sally Ruvelson and Mark Forliti from Ramsey County Community Corrections and Mary Louise Klas, retired Ramsey County Judge. Saint Paul Police Department -Committed to Excellence, Ethics, Empathy & Education

New York:
From Shari Hogan:
From the Rochester, NY exhibit-

From Twyla Sable:
September 17, a display of silhouettes was presented by “From Behind the Mask Ministry” in Beaver Falls, PA
October 1,         a display of silhouettes was presented by the Nuture Clubs, Inc
October  11,      Take back the Night, presented by Womansplace in McKeesport, PA will have an unveiling of witnesses, a program and unveil “the Clothesline Project” (T-shirts made by survivors and children) which will take place at the McKeesport Campus of Penn State.
October 10,       Silhouettes will be displayed at the Chatham College Awareness Program
October 17,       Silhouettes will be displayed in the main lobby of Magee Womens Hospital
October 20,       In partnership with the YWCA of Pittsburgh, NCJW will hold a March to End Domestic Abuse.  The march begins at Noon ending with a rally in Market Square.  A survivor will speak and we hold an open mike for those who wish to speak who have endured domestic abuse.
October 26        Duquesne University Health Fair will have a display of silhouettes and provide information to students and facility
October 28        Pony Express ( An awareness organization) will hold a press conference in the City County Building in Pittsburgh.  Speakers will be Senator Jane Orie, State Representative Mike Turzai, George Madden, Allegheny County and a representative of the District Attorney’s office.  The exhibit of silhouettes will be held for 1 week in the City County Building Rotunda
South Carolina:
From Linda Snelling:
We held our 6th annual Silent Witness Project on Thursday, Oct. 6th, at Coastal Carolina University.  Even though there was an all day downpour and flood, the remnants of the latest tropical storm, we had about 75 people.  There were a lot of family members of victim's that were with us this year and quite a few students.  Our guest speaker was Henry McMaster, our Attorney General.  We are fortunate that our AG is very supportive of women's rights.  This year we dedicated a new memorial to the children of domestic violence and announced the formation of a new nonprofit organization, Not One More, Inc., that will deal exclusively with children that live in homes with domestic violence. 


I've attached a photo of the new painting for the children.  I felt that these children should be in a happy place so I put them on a playground.  The children are:

Maggie Pasaro - Age 2, Her Father doused her in gasoline and burned her to death, when asked why he said because he wanted his wife to hurt every day of her life.

Jordyn Durant - Age 20 months, She died of a skull fracture after being struck on the head several times, Her Mother is serving 20 to life

Gauge Artie Tyler Johnson - Age 2, He was killed from a blow to the chest from his Mother's boyfriend.

Danquan Spivey - Age 2, He died from injuries to his lower back and head, inflicted by his Mother's boyfriend

Ebony Smith - Age 4 months, She died from cardiac arrest caused by blunt force trauma to the chest and several fractured ribs.

Jason Hertzog, Jr. - Age 5 months, Jason died from severe head trauma

Kynande Bennett - Age 4, Missing since 9/29/2002

The face in the upper right corner is Lt. Randy Gerald.  Randy was off duty and on his way home when he stopped to assist a woman that was being assaulted by her ex-boyfriend. Randy died at the scene but his intervention allowed the woman to get away.


 South Dakota:
From Shirley Erhart:
Our Silent Witnesses are very busy this month.  They will be on Exhibit at Court Houses, Malls, DV/SA Workshops/Trainings/Conferences, Walks/Marches/Rallies, and Grand Entry at Pow Wows. These last couple of years we have created duplicate exhibits.  This makes it much easier to fill
requests from our Member Programs and other agencies/entities during these busy months.  We began our Silent Witness Exhibit in 1994 and they never cease to make an impact on those who view them.

What's Up with Sheila's Shawls?
October will be Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States.  
Let's knit Sheila's Shawls and Paul's Scarves!
Dear Friends,
Update on Femiknitz website. Hello Susan and Janet-
Thank you both your help and patience with the piece about Sheila's Shawls for FemiKnitz.com. I wanted to let you both know that it is up and running. You can see it at www.femiknitz.com. If either of you feel that any changes need to be made, please let me know. I hope that this piece will help to spread the word about Silent Witness, Sheila's Shawls, and Allhealing.net.

Welcome new Sheila' s Shawls state coordinators!

Judy in Knife River (Northern), MN is the new coordinator for northern MN.

Stacie Beard, Maryland – sent this email: I would like to be the Maryland state coordinator for Sheila's Shawls and Paul's Scarves.  I know a couple people who knit and I think they'd be happy to be volunteer knitters. Who knows, maybe I'll even learn to do one myself!

Change for State Coordinator in Virginia, Susan Rosebrough, - Is currently the state coordinator for Virginia but is moving to a more regional outlook while still being a contact person for the whole state!
Welcome new knitters!
Laura  Gattoni in Delaware: She writes- I have one in beige and one that's hand dyed in turquoise. I have one myself that I had with me at my father's funeral
and it was so comforting. Raw silk feels more like comfy cotton. I'm knitting several others, but they are not yet completed.
We have a new logo for Sheila’s Shawls it is beautiful!

May there be domestic peace in every home.

Renee Youngberg
Sheila's Shawls and Paul's Scarves



From Susan Bourne:
"The Worst Thing You Can Call a Man is a Woman" Poster
This year we have an incredible new poster entitled, "The Worst Thing You Can Call a Man is a Woman" It’s a 2' X 3' poster that challenges boys and men to reevaluate how they view women and girls and what it means to be a man. Included with the poster is a one-page information sheet that helps summarize the issues represented by the poster to help create discussion in the classroom and the community.
Click here to buy the poster.

From Marlene a mother who has been silenced:
Please email and distribute the enclosed flyer - along with the Connecticut Public Television's press release about the documentary - to as many as possible and ask them to do the same.

This is a grassroots effort to saturate the country with flyers about the documentary so as many as possible will be informed about this issue.

The documentary on PBS is the first time the media has covered the national scandal of abuse cases in family courts. Please go to the CPTV website to learn more about the "PAS" scam used against protective parents and to download the press release about the documentary.
This October we are distributing these flyers from coast to coast.
We are protective parents and supporters of protective parents. We are breaking the silence that has served to hide a national scandal hidden in our family courts for the last 20 years.
How do family courts deal with custody and visitation cases involving child abuse? What are the qualifications that evaluators and court representatives must have in order to review child abuse cases in family courts and related agencies? In what way are abused children and protective parents effectively "silenced" in our family courts across the nation? How can this national travesty of justice be changed?

Please watch and encourage others to watch a groundbreaking film on this subject. Breaking the Silence: Children’s Stories, airing on most PBS stations this October, reviews several cases among thousands of similar cases across the country in which our family courts have failed to protect abused children. One of those cases featured in the documentary involves the Titelman children in Cobb County, Georgia. _ In 1999, Wendy Titelman lost custody of her two young daughters because the girls reported that their father was sexually molesting them. Their reports of his abuse were substantiated by many nationally renowned abuse experts and an eyewitness to the father's abuse testified in court. Wendy believed her daughters and, as a protective parent, she asked the family court for help.
Instead of thoroughly reviewing the evidence of abuse, the court and its representatives ignored all evidence of abuse, encouraged the father to berate the girls for disclosing the abuse, forced the girls to live with their father and has prohibited all contact between Wendy and her two daughters for the last 5 years. Why did the CobbCounty family court ignore the abundant evidence of the father's abuse? In examining the Titelman case and the thousands of other cases like the Titelman case, the pattern is clear.


Please join us in demanding thorough investigations of this national scandal.
Please also join us in demanding family court reforms so that fairness will be brought to our courts and our children will be protected.
If you would like more information and/or if you or a loved one needs help with an abuse case in family court, please contact the following organizations:

Shining the Light..._ Saving a Life

The Battered Mothers Custody Conference

Custody Preparation for Moms

The Leadership Council

Justice for Children:
Kourts for Kids


I promise you
not a moment
will be lost

as long as
I have heart
& voice to speak

& we will walk again
with a thousand others
& a thousand more

& on & on until
there is no one
among us
who does not
know the truth

there is no future
without love

“Legacy” Brian Andreas

 This was taken from the program of this year’s Silent Witness Vigil in Rhode Island on October 18th.

Cassie Pritchard


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