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October 12, 2001


Dear Friends, 
Next Thursday is Silent Witness Day, October 18th. It signifies the day in 1997 when we broke the Silence in Washington D.C. with our powerful March to End the Silence. We escorted 1500 Silent Witness figures down the mall to the Capitol. We called for a healing of domestic violence in this country. Many of you were there. Now you are all working on our promise, our pledge, to end domestic violence homicides by the year 2010. "0 by 2010." Please pause for a moment of silence that day to honor the 27 women whose deaths in 1990 started this worldwide Silent Witness Initiative. We are united. Thank you for all you do and will do. 

On a slightly different note, this article, parts of which I quote below, is one of the most moving things I have read in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 11 September. I share it with you because I think it is what Silent Witness is all about; holding hands in tandem and showing the world that we are, in the end, all about survival, hope, healing and love. "The most important, if distressing, images to emerge from those hours are not of the raging towers, or of the vacuum where they once stood; it is the shots of people falling from the ledges, and, in particular, of two people jumping in tandem. It is impossible to tell from the blur, what age or sex these two are, nor does that matter. What maters is the one thing we can see for sure: they are falling hand in hand. Think of Philip Larkin's poem about the stone figures carved on an English tomb, and the "sharp tender shock" of noticing that they are holding hands. The final line of the poem has become a celebrated condolence, and last Tuesday--in uncounted ways, in final phone calls, in the joined hands of that couple, in circumstances that Hollywood should no longer try to match--it was proved true all over again, and, in so doing, it calmly conquered the loathing and rage in which the crime was conceived. "What will survive of us is love." 

Anthony Lane, "This is Not a Movie," New Yorker,24 September, 2001, Page 80. 

Please let us know if you are scheduling events as soon as possible and get us the details later. There are 44 states/countries on board: Countries: Canada, Cayman Islands, Hungary, United States. States: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming. 

Romana Wilson (Office of District Attorney, Stone Mountain, GA), Maureen Whopperer (SW Coordinator, Jr. League, Syracuse), Victoria Reese (Safe Place shelter, Battle Creek, MI, new SW exhibit), Doug Poag (Mennonite Church, Normal, IL, new SW figure), CASA shelter (South Carolina, new email address), Michelle Carroll (Miss Coalition, Jackson, MS), Tessa Sicble (ND Coalition), Esther Humphrey (Native American advocate, Leech lake DA Prevention Program, Cass Lake, MN, new SW exhibit) 


The SW exhibit will appear at a candle light vigil sponsored by Hope Place in Huntsville. 

*We're glad to hear that the Silent Witnesses are making their voices heard in Alabama again this year. Thanks for your work. 

This note from Gael Strack in San Diego. Even though it is too late to go to the event, it is great to read about it: 

The San Diego Domestic Violence Council Presents It's Annual Symposium on Domestic Violence, October 12, 2001, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Marina Village Conference Center The Captain's Room 1900 Quivira Way (Mission Bay Park near the Hyatt Hotel) San Diego CA 92109 

Keynote Speaker: Lydia Walker nationally recognized lecturer on domestic violence issues. Addressing issues on domestic violence including lethality assessments Additional Workshops: Domestic Violence in the workplace; Liability issues relating to Domestic Violence in the workplace; Employer's perspective to DV on the workplace. Cost includes continental breakfast and lunch: $45.00 per person RSVP to Center for Community Solutions: 
858/272-5777 Ext.25 

And these are the DV Activities for San Diego this month: 

City Resolution to launch "Hands and Words are not for Hurting" anti-violence campaign - City Access Channel, "Domestic Violence: Partners in Solutions" -- San Diego Domestic Violence Councilšs 11th Annual Symposium - City Proclamation: Domestic Violence Awareness Month in special recognition of City front-line workers -- Silent Witness Exhibit & Domestic Violence Resource Fair -- Meet the San Diego Domestic Violence Council -- Manageršs Quarterly Meeting, Comments by City Attorney Casey Gwinn and Human Relations Director Ashley Walker on Domestic Violence--Training: Interviewing Victims of Domestic Violence by Dan Petro --- PS&NS Meeting - Quarterly Report by the San Diego Police Chief Dave Bejarano and City Attorney Casey Gwinn - "The One Stop Center for Domestic Violence"

*Gael, thanks for this great update. We wish you the best in all of these activities. Together we will heal this country. 

Tina Campbell writes us from Sacramento about their October DV activities: The Silent Witnesses display schedule for September and October from the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board: Domestic Violence Awareness, Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, at the Men's Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center, on Sept. 27th Domestic Violence Awareness, Citrus Heights Women's Center, at Rusch Park on the Sept. 29th Domestic Violence Awareness, Jesuit High School, on Oct. 9th-12th National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, on the North steps of the State Capitol on Oct. 16th Domestic Violence Awareness Resource Fair, UC Davis on Oct. 24th National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Youth Authority, Office of Prevention and Victims Services, Department of Youth Authority, Oct. 1-5 In Woodland, a Candlelight Vigil was scheduled for Oct. 3rd, but was canceled. It will be rescheduled sometime in October, the date is unknown at this time. Domestic Violence Awareness, Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, at the Westfield Mall (Downtown Plaza), in October (date not yet determined). 

And from: Jill Weston at the Office of Prevention and Victims Services writes: 

The Office of Prevention and Victims Services (OPVS) will be offering e-mails throughout October to increase public awareness about domestic violence and family violence. OPVS will have an information table at Headquarters October 1-19th with free brochures, referrals and general information. OPVS will also have "Silent Witness" silhouettes displayed in the lobby. The silhouettes made by offenders at O.H. Close Youth Correctional Facility represent individuals killed through acts of domestic violence. October 5th, 9th, 22nd and 30th from 12:15-12:45 OPVS will show videos on Domestic Violence to increase staff awareness. 

October 4th- All Marshalls department stores will donate a percentage of sales to the Family Violence Prevention Fund. October 4th- Health care providers are encouraged to 'Screen to Prevent Abuse" through awareness programs at hospitals, health associations and insurance companies. October 6th- Beginning at 6 p.m. on the west steps of the State Capitol-Women Take Back the Night rally -Men, women and children are invited to attend "a powerful night of courage and solidarity as we gather to speak out against violence in the home, in the workplace and on the street" For more info www.metdesigns.com/takeback October 18th-Liz Claiborne, Inc. will donate a percentage of all sales to local domestic violence charity partners. 
*It is so heartening to see all the activities that are going on despite the state of our country at this time. It is inspiring to me as I hope it is to you. If we who know how to deal with violence don't keep speaking up who will? 

Cayman Islands: 
Our friends in the Cayman Islands are hosting Rosalind Wiseman (Owning UP Program) and Janet Hagberg (Silent Witness) for three solid days of activity during the height of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. They will attend television shows, speak at high schools, attend a Silent Witness March and be part of several other events. More details after this fabulous trip. 

*Thanks to our friends in the Cayman Islands for this great opportunity to see what they are doing in the DV arena and learn from their experience. 

Here's a message from Cheryl Straus who is using the Silent Witnesses for the first time: 

The Jewish Family Service of Broward County and Kolot will be having a vigil on October 17, 2001. We will be using eight silent witnesses. I would appreciate receiving eight or more BIOS to display along with the witnesses Cheryl Straus Coral Springs, FL. 

*Thank you so much for using the Silent Witnesses to tell their stories. Let us know how they are received. 

We got this note from Doug Poag, who is part of a Menonite Community program called Partners for Community - 

We are working with our local YWCA and Countering Domestic Violence/Neville House, our local victims services and battered women's shelter provider on the Y's "Week without Violence" Part of this week is going to be a Silent Witness display. 

We are also interested in making a silouhette to have locally prior to the display, and to then have on permanent display in a public place (we'll be trying for our County Law & Justice Center. We have a local artisan who is a partner in Prairie Woodworks, a woodworking business which specializes in Arts and Crafts custom made furniture and cabinets, who is willing to produce a lifesize silouhette for this effort. Thank you for your time and attention to this request, and thank you for your wonderful work to bring peace to the homes of our nation. 

*It is so great to have churches join with YWCAs and shelters in a community effort to reduce violence. Thanks Doug, for all this effort. And bless your artisan who is doing this for you. 

Deb, our Tama County contact tells us this news for October: 

Our Silent Witness memorial will be on display throughout Tama County communities throughout the month of October. It will also be at a Candle light memorial in Newton on Oct. 9th. On October 21, 2001 our task force is sponsoring a Domestic Violence Awareness day at the Gladbrook Middle School from 2-4 pm, featuring guest speaker, Becky Kinnamon, Director of Violence Against Women, a High School Drama Group Presentation and Victums Panel. We are sponsoring a Self Defense course for Women on October 13th and 20th. We will pay for those who cannot afford the fee. We also have a billboard up on HWY 30 in Tama on Domestic Violence during the entire month of October. 

*Deb, thanks for all this public awareness and for all that you do in your community. We really appreciate it. 

Ellen Dalen, President of NCJW, Kansas City tells us about this exciting event: 

National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Kansas City Section, is pleased to partner with Liz Claiborne Inc., REDBOOK, and The Jones Store (Famous-Barr) in this premier Kansas City Event, WOMEN HELPING WOMEN. Luncheon and fashion show will take place along with the collection of suitable office attire for women in the domestic shelters returning to work. 
At the fashion show clothes will be collected as well as in all Liz Claiborne Departments in The Jones Store on that day. The WOMEN HELPING WOMEN project brings to the victims of domestic violence the opportunity to return to the workplace with style. Only one other city, Louisville, has done this kind of event before (for 3 years). 

*This is a great idea, and to be collaborating with Liz Claiborne is superb. I wish I could be there. It is so inspiring. 

The Coalition in Jackson houses the SW exhibit for all twelve shelters in the state. In October all the shelters use at least three figures apiece for events across the state. Michelle Carroll of the Coalition gave us this update. We're eager to hear more. 

*Thanks for all your collaboration in Mississippi. It is wonderful to hear that all the shelters are able to use the figures. Send us stories of what the reactions are at your events. 

We received this note on our web site from Jacqueline McCormack, in rural MO. 

Hello, This is my first time in your website. I am holding a public meeting on the 10th for the DV October Awareness month. I am a writer, researcher. I went through this back in the 70's before laws were enacted. I am doing the grassroots in our rural area of town called Polo Population 600. I am getting a good response. Thank you. - Jacqueline McCormack 

*Thanks, Jacqueline. We are all behind you in your efforts to work in rural 
MO. Keep up the good work. 

New York: 
Maureen Wopperer, of the Jr. League of Syracuse updates us on the Silent Witness exhibit there: 

The JLS is re-vamping the exhibit and working in connection with an association called Vera House. Vera House is the main non-profit organization that deals with domestic violence. It is huge and well connected in the city involving the special crimes unit of Syracuse, with many re-hab programs etc. Working with Vera House has been a very good step. It is a great merger. We are tweaking the exhibit and currently have five components, community- (General issues with DV) children, workplace, campus/date rape, elderly abuse. This has been well received. We are also seeking sponsors for the project and proceeding this month with media coverage of it as well. We plan a huge media event for next October 2002, and will have possibly 5 exhibits running at the same time. Thank you for the use of the logo and any suggestions that you may have. 

*We are so pleased to hear of this new collaboration in Syracuse. It works so well when we all work together. And welcome to the network, Maureen. 

Rhode island: 
An update from Nancy Rafi about the events and breakthroughs in RI: 

The Witnesses are being seen EVERY DAY this month at some venue. And we have a few firsts - a local bank in Westerly is sponsoring them for an entire week (through the local BPW group); and also, AT&T corporate offices in Providence are having them in their lobby for 2 days at the end of the month for their diversity week. I'm proud of all the efforts our 6 groups 
have made over the past months, so October is going to be a busy time for all our Witnesses. Oh yes, we also had the Witnesses at a local Catholic church in a rural town, North Smithfield, (another first!) for a peace rally on the 30th of September. The Witnesses were set up in the pews (total of 17) and down the stairs, and in the reception area, so they made quite a 
statement. About 100 people attended - ages 2 to 70, so it was a diverse and interesting crowd. I spoke with the priest afterwards and he's going to call me about coming to speak to the CCD classes later this year. How about that??? 

*There is a volume of activity this year in parts of the country. It feels to me like we are pointing out to the world that we are not silent and that we have an important message to share. Keep up this wonderful work. 


Corporate America schedules multiple DV activities for October If you'd like to see just some of the activities and programs CAEPV (Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence) members are doing in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, check out this link: http://www.caepv.org/wktoend01.htm#Members We are most definitely working together to make ending partner violence "Everybody's Business" -- and who knows, you may get some ideas for your own organization! Kim Wells Executive Director Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence 

Rose Mary Boerboom's Training Schedule, Self Mastery Treatment Model: Please consider sending someone from your SW group to one of the upcoming workshops. Montana: October 16 and 17 in Great Falls. No cost. contact Jerri Miller jmiller@state.mt.us Also May 8,9, 2002 

Rose Mary's training in Minneapolis was well received and several new groups will be forming as a result. We are thrilled that there were strong members of the African American and Hispanic treatment communities who are eager to start groups using this model. Also a church and a large corporation are starting prevention programs using the material. We are making headway in Minnesota. 

Rose Mary's treatment manual, called the Self Mastery Workshop, is now available. It has a thorough description of her program and lesson plans for a treatment group including handouts for the group members. She is willing to sell perusal copies but would recommend coming to a training since the principles in her model are different from what is taught in most men's treatment. You can add what she teaches to what you are already doing and she would be happy to talk with you about that. Cost of the manual is $40.00 (includes shipping). Order from Rose Mary, rose_mary_boerboom@hotmail.com or 952-936-0973. 

President's Proclamation for DV Awareness Month: Here is just the last few paragraphs of President Bush's proclamation. 

THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release October 2, 2001 


As a Nation, we must prioritize addressing the problem of domestic violence in our communities every day of the year. National Domestic Violence Awareness Month provides us with a special opportunity to emphasize that domestic violence is a crime, to warn abusers that they will be prosecuted, and to offer victims more aid and support. We can and must radically reduce and work to eliminate this scourge from our land. To succeed, this effort must be echoed by officials from every segment of the criminal justice system, Federal, State, and local. Community leaders, health care professionals, teachers, employers, friends, and neighbors all will play an important role in eradicating domestic violence. 

As we observe National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I call on all Americans to commit to preventing domestic violence and to assist those who suffer from it. These collective efforts will contribute to peace in our homes, schools, places of work, and communities and will help ensure the future safety of countless children and adults. NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim October 2001, as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I urge all Americans to learn more about this terrible problem and to take positive action in protecting communities and families from its devastating effects. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this first day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand one, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and twenty-sixth. 


I leave you today with a poem by Rumi that was forwarded to me by one of the originators of the Silent Witness exhibit in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington: 

Zero Circle 

Be helpless, dumbfounded, unable to say yes or no. 

Then a stretcher will come from Grace to gather us up. 

We are too dull-eyed to see that beauty. If we say we can, we're lying. 

If we say No, we don't see it, that No will behead us and shut tight our window onto spirit. 

So let us rather not be sure of anything, beside ourselves, and only that, so miraculous beings come running to help. 

Crazed, lying in a zero circle, mute, we shall be saying finally, with tremendous eloquence, Lead us. 

When we have totally surrendered to that beauty, we shall be a mighty kindness. 





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