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Newsletter for Sept. 15th, 2000

Click here for a special edition newsletter, reporting on progress and results during the last year.

Dear Friends,

Just a reminder that Domestic Violence Awareness Month is almost here. Pull out all the stops so that the Silent Witnesses can tell their stories all across the country. Their voices speak louder and more eloquently than any of ours. Here are a few of their stories. Our goal is never to have to recite these stories again.

Maymie Santy, age 71, killed Nov. 20, 1993
Maymie died from two gunshot wounds to the head. Her husband shot her with a rifle and also shot her 58 year-old sister, but she survived. He then shot himself in the head and was in critical condition after the shooting. He had been showing signs of depression before the shootings and had been known to be violent, prompting his family in the past to hide his rifle.

Hazel Miller, age 75, died Feb. 5, 1993
Hazel was set on fire by her husband. He threw a flammable substance on her and ignited it. Their home was destroyed in the blaze. The police got there in time to witness her husband igniting the home. She was severely burned over a large portion of her body and died two weeks after the fire. The incident took place during a domestic dispute.

Sandra Maire Caddell, killed May 2, 1993
Sandra died from a gunshot wound to her chest. The gun was fired at close range by her 28 year old live-in partner. She had been employed at the Virginia Truck Stop in Stephens, Virginia.


On this, our anniversary celebration week, we wish to thank everyone who has had anything to do with Silent Witness in the past ten years. You are the reason that we have not only succeeded but have gone beyond our wildest expectations.

Thanks to all of you who stepped up when no one knew about Silent Witness and made exhibits for your state. There are more than 30 organizations involved with Silent Witness Thanks to all of you who have carried a Witness in an event or at a march or have planned an event Thanks to all of you who have supported a woman or man who is in an abusive relationship Thanks to all of you who made the great effort to come to Washington in 1997 to help tell the country about domestic violence and call for healing. Thanks to all family members of murdered women who have gotten involved in Silent Witness and have spoken out so eloquently about your experience.

Thanks to all survivors, now healers who are helping to make this world a safer place for all. Thanks to all of you who pray that healing and peace will prevail.  Thanks to all of you who have taken leadership positions in Silent Witness and gone way beyond the call of duty in striving to move us forward; board members, core committee members, mentors, special project coordinators, liaisons to other organizations, ambassadors, advisory board members, regional directors, state coordinators, artists, poets, and musicians. Thanks to all staff, past and present who have made the work load not only lighter, but more enjoyable; Jane, Barb, Nancy, Judy, Kellie, Kristen, Sherri, Colleen, Sherry.

Thanks to all individuals and states who have contributed financially to make Silent Witness a reality and who continue to do so.

Thanks to all those of you who send personal words of support and encouragement to me from time to time, just to love me and keep me going. Thanks to the founders and to the board for creating and sustaining this initiative.  Thanks to all those of you around the world who have contacted us and want to start an initiative in your country.  Thanks to all of you who have developed Results Projects and shown that we can actually reduce or eliminate domestic violence. Thanks to all of you who lead other organizations with goals of reducing domestic violence and are collaborating with Silent Witness in any way. Thanks to all of you who are generous with your program information and go out of your way to help others get things started, sharing resources and optimism.

Thanks to all of you who speak out against domestic violence in any way that you can Thank you to all the Silent Witnesses for compelling us to tell your stories Thank you to all of you angels who will not give up until we have reached our goal of 0 by 2010.

We have all started a healing revolution. Let's multiply those efforts in the next five years.



Diane Peterson fills us in on Arizona activities:

By the way, AZ will be having events in October. Tying in with the Coalition and Jim Hardeman (Polaroid), who first mentioned taking part in events in Phoenix. Just have to finalize. Hoping to have the new exhibit ready, but if not we'll go with the old one - one way or another, AZ will be active. 

*Way to go Arizona. Keep the light strong.


Celia Heady, our coordinator in Idaho writes:

Janet: New Silent Witness displays are being built in Blackfoot, Idaho. Now our state has 4 sets. All will be active during the month of October. THese sets are shared by all of the programs. 

*Wow, four exhibits in Idaho. That is wonderful. Good work Celia, and company.


Jan Abbey, one of our regional coordinators tells us of Kansas plans:

The month of October is filling up fast for our Silent Witness Exhibit. Our exhibit of 12 silhouettes will start the month in Manhattan, KS at the Fort Riley Family Center. This event was scheduled and will be managed by the Manhattan Business & Professional Womenís group. The following weekend we plan to display the exhibit at one of our largest malls, Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, KS. SAFEHOME, one of six Kansas City domestic violence programs, will have a Community Educator available to answer questions and distribute information regarding domestic violence and our services. The Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (KCSDV) will have the exhibit the following week in the capitol city of Topeka, for the annual Governor's Conference on Child Abuse. On October 27th, the exhibit will be included in Kansas City's second annual "Rally Against Domestic Violence". This event will include KC's Mayor and Johnson County's District Attorney as speakers. We also have one of our program's Executive Directors and a survivor scheduled to speak. Arrangements are being made for as much media coverage as possible for these events. That just about fills us up for the whole month. I'll let you know if there are any additions or changes.

*What a full month. A lot of people will be moved by these events in Kansas. Thanks a lot for all the effort.


This year the Initiative for Violence Free Families is sponsoring a Spiritual Speakout for Violence-Free Families. They are offering a $1000 prize for the best sermon addressing issues related to domestic violence. The winner is asked to speak at the First Annual "Walk the Talk" Recognition Banquet in late October. Their brochure gives details and DV data. If you are interested in doing a similar program please contact Lois Gunderson at lois@ivff.org

*What a great idea. This will really encourage clergy to speak out and to be recognized for that courageous effort. Way to go Lois and Company.


Mahnaz Harrison of NCJW in Pittsburgh writes:

Hope all is well with you. We have had a busy summer. We are honoring the Allegheny County District Attorney on an unveiling ceremony of 20 new Witness that have been researched over the past several months. Our unveiling event is on 9-26 at 5:30.

*what a wonderful way to introduce new Silent Witnesses. Be sure to let us know how it goes.


Yes, folks, Virginia now has a Silent Witness exhibit. YES. The Zonta Society has taken on the coordination in Virginia.

Here's the message from Jo Manson announcing the opening. We've been waiting for an exhibit in VA for a long time. I'm so grateful. And Jo may get Italy involved. Will wonders never cease!!

I re-read your instructions about how to start a SW program and believe we can launch this very nicely not only at our Governor's Event in October but also at our January program. This is very appropriate since we officially launched our Domestic Violence initiative January 00, we can launch our SW portion of our initiative in January 01. 

Thanks so very much for all your help. I am off to Italy for my anniversary trip and will be meeting some Zontians in Venice also. I fully intend to explain what we have done with our programs and can't wait to share the information about SW. Again, thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of this very important program.

*No, thank you for being part of this exciting and important program. We welcome you with open arms.


Silent Witness Products for October events:
A reminder that we have products for you to use this fall. We have tee shirts that have hearts on them that say Refuse To Abuse. We have buttons on special at $.30 a piece with the original SW logo on them. And we have beautiful flowered journals with matching stationery that makes great gifts for people that have done a good job on October events for you. We have cut the costs of the set to $5.00 each. Don't forget the SW national anthem on CD for $17.95, Refuse to Abuse buttons are $.60 a piece and the SW video is $10. Now is a good time to shop for these things. Email me or call to order 612-623-0999. Add shipping to all costs.


Rhode Island 2-Day Training Program for Perpetrators: Newport, RI, October 18-19
The Rhode Island SW Program is sponsoring Dr. Steven Stosny and the Compassion Based Treatment model that is so successful with perpetrators. Dr. Stosny will be featured on both 20/20 and 48 Hours this fall. Cost: $50 Contact: Nancy Rafi, nrafi@afford.com

Steering Committee Meeting: Helena, Montana, Oct. 24-25. 
We will highlight the Owning Up Program for adolescents, presented by Rosalyn Wiseman.
We will also summarize the successful therapy programs for Survivors, presented by Rosemary Boerboom. This is a great way to get two program ideas that can change your state. cost: $40 Contact: Judy Miller at msdatahound@aol.com to hold a spot. 

Accommodations are either at the Holiday Inn in downtown Helena (where the steering committee will be held) $65 single $71 double. Prices held until October 1. Tell them you are with Silent Witness. Or you can stay a few miles away at the Jorgenson's Holiday Motel for $45. Call the hotels directly for reservations. Jorgenson's number is 406-442-1770 and Holiday Inn is is 406-443-2200. The Steering Committee starts on Oct. 24 for dinner. We have reservations at the Holiday Inn dining room for 5:30. See you there. Your check to Silent Witness for $40 is your reservation for the steering committee meeting. Mail to 20 Second St. Suite 1101 Mpls, MN 55405. Come to the steering committee meeting and stay for the training.

Montana Training Program for Treating Perpetrators: Helena, Montana, Oct. 26-27
Montana SW program is presenting a new and exciting treatment program for perpetrators called "Self Mastery" lead by Rosemary Boerboom, a psychologist, a Silent Witness Treatment mentor and an expert in successful perpetrator programs. See paragraph above for accommodations. Cost: $60 if you reserve a spot by October 15, $70 after that. Training will be held at the Law Enforcement Acadeny. Directions will be sent or emailed to you. Contact: Jerri Miller jerrim@state.mt.us

These 22 states/countries have announced plans for SW activities in October: Alaska, Arizona, Cayman Islands, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wyoming. That makes 19 states. We just have 31 to go. Let's move forward on this together. Please let us know if your state is planning a Silent Witness presence at events in October. We need 29 more states to meet our national goal.


We are thrilled to announce that there are now 207 Results Projects operating in the US as far as we know. That is up 33% in just a year. Here is the breakdown: Owning Up 44, Court Watch 47, Stosny Treatment 40, Data Collection 49, Coordinated Community Response 19, DART 3, Mississippi Model 4, Taos Model 2. Way to go. We should start seeing results from these programs pretty soon. Let's multiply these programs world wide. They really work. Detail on each is on our web site www.silentwitness.net.   Cue is on the home page under Results Projects.

The DOJ crime report stated that the overall rate of decrease of all violent crime last year was 10.4%. This is really good news. We all need to celebrate this. Unfortunately, the rates for rape and for sexual assault were both up more than 20%. That is not good news.

I leave you today with a quote from John Ruskin that says it all:

The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it but what they become by it.

Well, you all with have high rewards because you have become angels.




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