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July 26, 2002

Dear Friends,

The Czech Republic has just joined our network. That makes 35 countries on 6 continents. Wow. We are a network of women and men holding hands around the globe. And since February we have had requests for opening 15 new Silent Witness exhibits here and abroad. One state has had no DV homicides for a
whole year. Healing is happening. You are utterly amazing.

Dena Chottiner (SW C0-coordinator, Pittsburgh), Marie, Zdena, Jitka, and Jana (ROSA Centre for Women Victims of DV, Prague, Czech Republic) Debra Perry (YWCA of Northern RI) Ronna Quimby (Client Services, Women's Shelter, Arlington, TX, new email address), Jennifer Taylor IOCPD Homicide Victim Services, Oklahoma City), Mary Evans (Outreach Coordinator, Family DV Services, Kingston, NY) Jennifer Cooper (Board Chair, Womenspace DV Services, Eugene,OR) Maribeth Thompson (Lafayette County, MO, new Silent Witness exhibit), Judy Moody (Coos County Women's Crisis Services, N. Bend, OR, new SW exhibit).


Czech Republic:

A note from Lois Herman, our international ambassador with yet another country contact:
I am so pleased to introduce you to our new Silent Witness link in the Czech Republic: ROSA Centre for Women Victims of Domestic VIolence Prague, Czech Republic  E-Mail:; rosa@telecom.cz

I met with ROSA in the Czech Republic, and gave them our Silent Witness book  and video. They have also visited our Silent Witness website, with much interest. The objective of ROSA, which was founded in the Czech Republic in l993, is recognition of domestic violence as a serious social problem,
changes in legislation, bigger support of state, and establishment of shelters and services for women victims and their children.

ROSA is noted in the US State Department Human Rights Report -Czech Republic  2001, as a major organization addressing domestic violence. ROSA services are provided FREE. Examples of ROSA programs for women victims of domestic violence are: ROSA provides information and consultations to
women victims of domestic violence and is working on systems of prevention; ROSA works to inform the public through the media, about domestic violence; ROSA also presents seminars and conferences; ROSA has an SOS Crisis Line; ROSA funs four asylums for women and hopes to have a larger shelter; ROSA
has therapeutic services, and an Information & Consulting Centre; ROSA has a program for single women - divorced, widowed, single parents. I bring to all at Silent Witness, greetings from Marie, Zdena, Jitka, and Jana of ROSA in the Czech Republic.

*Welcome to Marie, Zdena, Jitka, and Jana, our friends in the Czech Republic. We are grateful for all that you do and we hope to work closely with you.

The Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and others, will be  hosting a national conference entitled "Social Action vs. The Disease Model: The Medicalization of Domestic Violence", which will be held in Oak Brook, Illinois November 18-20, 2002. Domestic violence is often either dealt with as a disease of the individual, or as a disease of society.  As a result, this conference will explore the effects that these two models have had on the individuals traditionally involved in domestic violence situations. Keynote speakers for this conference are Gladys Coggswell, R. Emerson Dobash, Russell P. Dobash, Jeffrey Edleson, Sujata Warrier, and Carole Warshaw.  Breakout sessions will include three learning tracks:  women, children, and the criminal justice system. Participants can get registration and content information on our
website at www.ilcadv.org by clicking on the Training Information link that is posted on the homepage.

*Sounds like an interesting conference getting at one of the current issues in this movement.

North Carolina:
Eli Moore, our SW Coordinator in NC has sad news from her state:

NC has experienced 9 Domestic Violence murders in 41 days!  Marie French has mobilized programs across our state to hold a public awareness event on July 25th at 12 noon - in hopes of bringing attention to this devastation. About 20 events are planned and they are all amazing and unique!  There will be a
mock trial, a balloon release, an ice cream social, vigils, speakouts, memorials, and flower giveaways, just to name a few!! Many organizations are using Silent Witnesses in their events.  Raleigh (our state capital) will be holding a rally on the steps of the Legislative building - along with the Silent Witnesses.  Through this awareness campaign - N.C. Domestic Violence programs and NCCADV  can be a voice for battered women and make sure that our communities understand that D.V. kills and take the time to mourn the
women, children, and men that we have lost!!!   The events are also posted on the web www.nccadv.org <http://www.nccadv.org>   - look under "Stop the Killing".  We are sending updates to the associated press and are looking to get National or at least statewide press coverage!  Thank You for all that
you do - with peace, 

*One positive thing that could happen out of this is that NC mobilizes for more concentrated action in the DV arena. Just look at what's happening already in such a short time. Remember, the five murders in three weeks in MN are what started the whole Silent Witness Initiative. Sometimes we need a shock to get us going at full speed. We wish you the best NC, and let us know how we can help you.

Joriel Foltz, one of the Virginia SW Coordinators writes great news:

Virginians Against Domestic Violence are planning to unveil our first group of Silent Witnesses at a statewide Kick-Off event on October 11th.  We'll have a march, followed by a media conference in our capitol of Richmond, VA 

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