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Dear Friends,

It is such a joy to put these newsletters together because I just imagine all of you printing them out and then reading them over lunch or in a comfortable chair, marking the things you want to remember or follow up on, and being pleased when something your state has done is highlighted. It feels like a life line between us and a way to be supportive of each other in this sometimes difficult  but always rewarding work.

I am so excited about my upcoming trips to see you all, state by state. I have now been to Wyoming, Arizona, Texas in the last three months and will be going to Ohio, Montana, Rhode Island and Illinois in the next few months. I would love to visit your state, so please let me know of your interest and we'll set up a trip. You need not have an event while I am there. I just want to meet everyone and support your work. I want to see the faces that are bringing so much joy to my life.

I'm planning to have a small celebration in September honoring the founding mothers and the board of Silent Witness. I would like all of them to know from you just how much Silent Witness has meant to you and what has happened as a result of their vision so long ago. Please email me your thoughts or feelings about Silent Witness, what it has meant to you, a memory of some event or the march or a change that you have seen as a result of this work. Anything will do. It need not be polished, just from your heart. I'll put these all in an informal notebook and read excerpts of them at the celebration. Send pictures of yourself or the Witnesses if you would like to.  If you could do this by August 20, I would really appreciate it. hagbe003@tc.umn.edu   Hagberg 7 Sheridan Av. So. Mpls, MN 55405 fax

Mark your calendars. More details to follow. Steering Committee Tuesday, Oct 24 (evening) and Wednesday, Oct. 25. Montana Silent Witness Committee two-day Training in Results Projects, October 26-27 (Thursday, Friday until early afternoon). Come and learn how to revolutionize your state.

Jim Grace (DV Program Coordinator, Governor's Office, Kentucky), Joanne Patterson (Volunteer  Coordinator/Public Relations, CASA, Myrtle Beach, SC),. Colette De Troy (Co-ordinator of Policy Action Centre on Violence Against Women, European Women's Lobby, Brussels, Belgium), Maria Ortiz Rivera (Domestic violence specialist, government of Puerto Rico), Sharon Cherkasky (Isreal Women's Network), Nicky Niles Arguello (new email address), Judy Miller (SW administrator "data hound" Minneapolis), Mona Hawkinson (Producer: SW Slide Show, General MIlls, Mpls), Judy Nelson (Jr. League, St. Paul)



Diane Peterson, our SW coordinator is planning to attend Stosny Treatment training in Pennsylvania this fall so she can bring this program to Arizona. She is working hard to incorporate SW there as a separate non-profit organization and to work with other groups to collaborate on Results Projects for Arizona. She is a real trooper and is doing much of this in memory of John, her husband, and our dear friend.

*Diane, our thoughts, prayers and energy are with you as you carve out this new endeavor in Arizona.


Sarah Follen of the Jr. League of London wrote to say that they are going ahead with their new Silent Witness project. And she had a wonderful idea. She asked to be connected with a mentor who has more experience with Silent Witness. I think this would be particularly helpful for our international contacts, so if you are interested in a mentor or two to help you move forward, just let me know. The two that I asked to work with Sarah responded with absolute glee. That's the kind of energy that has made Silent Witness so fun to be a part of. So thanks Nancy Rafi and Joanne Coghill for taking on this important role and thanks to Sarah for asking!!

*Great idea, Sarah. Keep those ideas flowing.


The Jr. League of St. Paul is planning a large event on October 18, 2000, to help celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Silent Witness. They are congregating on the steps of the state capitol in St. Paul, where the Silent Witnesses were first displayed. The keynoter will speak from there. Then they will escort the Witnesses inside to the rotunda of the capitol for several talks by people who have been involved with domestic violence in Minnesota. What a marvelous way to commemorate the anniversary of Silent Witness. Thanks to Judy Nelson and her committee for their outstanding work. Also the Mall of America has asked them to return again for the annual Silent Witness display and program in the Macy's Court. It is very positively received. This is highly unusual, for a mall to invite a domestic violence program to display there.

*Kudos to the Jr. League of St. Paul who have been so faithful in working with Silent Witness for several years and doing so many innovative things.


Montana is planning a two day training session in conjunction with the Silent Witness steering committee meeting in October. They will bring Results Programs to share with all of you so please consider this training. The dates are October 24-25 for Steering Committee and October 25-26 for training. You will get experience with at least three of the Results
Projects so you can bring them back to your state.  Mark your calendars. More details to come.

*Montana is one of our most active states in bringing Results Projects to their state. Great work Jerri, Vickie, Tracy and company. Thanks.


Lauren, at A Safe Place, in New Hampshire wrote that they are planning to make one figure this year and then add a figure each year. This is the second exhibit in New Hampshire.

*What remarkable people you all are. There are many more states now with multiple exhibits and we are thrilled.


Ohio is opening it arms to greet me (Janet) as I tour the state and all the Silent Witness activists there in mid-August. The trip includes stops in Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus and Dayton. I will attend DV Task Force meetings, VAWA meetings,  Adalente, the Jr. League, a women's center, Choices in Columbus, and visit with activists/video producers in Dayton.
More on the details as the trip unfolds. This will be very exciting.

*Thank you Ohio, for being so receptive to this trip. It will be so fun to see everyone.


The DV Coalition in Laredo Texas had money donated to them for an exhibit and they will ask the high school shop classes to make the figures. Then their sister city of New Laredo, Mexico will probably make an exhibit for women in their city as well. This will be the first exhibit in Mexico which is very exciting. Many thanks to Vicki Garcia at Texas A &M for her leadership in this new endeavor.

*What an exciting venture, to partner with another city to create Silent Witness exhibits. Yes.



We have asked volunteers to call every state again this year to encourage everyone to have some event or display for their Silent Witnesses this October. It is a special year because it is the 10th Anniversary of the founding of Silent Witness here in Minnesota.

It would help us all a lot if those of you who are planning events would email me to let me know about them, even if you haven't done all the planning yet. That will save us a lot of time and effort, even though we love to talk to all of you. So far we know that these states are planning events in October or November: Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Rhode Island,
Florida and Wyoming.

We also know that several states (11 so far) are planning to debut their Murder Meters this fall. Please let us know if you are planning to do that as well. There were a lot of states who ordered the plans and we'd like to know who will be following up on that. Thanks for all the effort. We do appreciate all that you do and we love you too!!


In the next month we are revising our web site, making it easier to navigate and easier for you to get to the key information that you might want. So be patient with us as we bring you a newer, fresher look. It's because of all your support of our web site that we are rated among the top 15% of web sites visited.  We're still at www.silentwitness.net


These are the states/cities who have ordered Silent Witness start-up materials or have decided to start new Silent Witness exhibits recently. What a wonderful new group. We are thrilled with all these new efforts to advance the cause of healing.

Jr. League/NCJW, Austin, Texas
YWCA of Albuquerque
A Safe Place, New Hampshire sea coast
Domestic Violence Coalition, Laredo Texas
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
New Brunswick, Canada
Portland, Oregon
Rose Advocates Shelter, Weiser Idaho
Glasgow, Montana
Newport News, Virginia
Shelter, Bloomington, Indiana
Black Hawk County DV Coalition, Waterloo, Iowa
Women's Association of Hmong and Lao, St. Paul, MN
Southeast Spouse Abuse Program
Atlanta, Georgia


There is a web site that lists the people in each state who collect the homicide data from the law enforcement jurisdictions. If you are interested in getting this information directly from that person you might want to call them and see if that is possible. They are so useful as data collectors and we are so pleased to have these people in each state. The web address for
these folks is www.asucrp.org/membership/index.html


In a report released on July 13, 2000, the Justice Department and Centers for Disease Control found that nearly 25 percent of women, and about 7 percent of men say they have been raped or assaulted by a current or former partner.

The survey of a nationally representative sample of 8,000 men and 8,000 women found that 1.5 percent of women and 0.9 percent of men were raped or physically assaulted by their partner in the last twelve months.  According to the estimates, approximately 1.5 million American women and over 800,000 men are raped or assaulted by an intimate partner annually.  (It is important to note that many victims are assaulted more than once, thus the
number of intimate partner attacks exceeds the number of intimate partner victims each year.)

Figures for intimate violence in different types of relationships varied. Reported rates of incidents of assault or stalking are as follows:
30 percent of women living with male partners
15 percent of men living with male partners
11 percent of women living with female partners
7.7 percent of men living with female partners

The study also found that of those assaulted, 41 percent of women reported injuries, while 20 percent of men were injured by assaults from intimates. The report also states that having a verbally abusive partner was the variable "most likely" to predict that a woman would be victimized by an intimate partner. As relates to stalking, the report showed that spousal
stalking is more widespread than previously thought, with almost five percent of women, and 0.6 percent of men saying they've been stalked by a current or former partner at some time in their life.  This translates to an estimate of 503,485 women and 185,496 men stalked by an intimate partner annually in this country.

The study also found differences among racial backgrounds. African-American, American Indian and native Alaskan women and men reported higher rates of partner violence than people from other backgrounds.  Asian reported lower rates.Despite the rate of attacks, most incidents are not reported to police, the survey found.  Only one-fifth of rapes, one quarter of physical assaults, and one half of stalking incidents were reported to police by female victims.  The report rate was even lower for male victims.(The full report, Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence, is available on the National Institute of Justice web site, <www.ojp.usdoj.gov/nij/welcome.html>.  Click on "What's New" and then "Publications.")

I leave you today with a quote that comes along with a picture that you will have to imagine of a young girl about to slide down a long curvy slide for the first time. The young girl (or boy) is each one of us. She is speaking to herself.

"Whether to sit here and look pretty or to risk casualty. Whether to hold on to stability or let go and slide into the unknown. Whether to remain in control or to slide into the mystery of pure abandonment..."

"I think I will slide, because....if I stay where I am....I will never know the excitement of the full extent of the emotional, physiological, psychological, theological and spiritual ramifications of the existence of the slide and me."

"If I slide, can I count on you to be behind me?"

Cheers,    and P.S.  Yes, you can count on me to be behind you!!!


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