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July 12, 2002

Dear Friends,

Eureka!! I have been waiting for 12 years to be able to report this headline
news. We have our first official state with no domestic violence homicides
for women for a whole year (2000). It is South Dakota. We all need to stand
up and cheer. Now we know that what looked impossible can be done.
Congratulations to South Dakota, to Verlaine Gullickson, Shirley Erhart, Deb
Aden, Georgia Smith, Krista Heeven-Graber, Willetta Dolhus and everyone else
who works so tirelessly there. There is irony in this news too, as there
usually is. Three men were killed by their wives in DV homicides in South
Dakota in 2000, two on a reservation. So our work is far from finished. But
we need to celebrate when there is good news. So let's all celebrate.

Our next goal will be to get five states to zero domestic homicides. How
long do you think it will take us to do that? One more year?? Two?

Rodger McDaniel (Activist, Wyoming, new email address), Jennifer Stanley
(Director, Women's Center and Residence Life, Roger Williams University,
Bristol, RI), Connie (Survivor, Napa, California), Matthew Dale (Victim
Services and Restorative Justice, AGs Office, Montana), Linda Cline
(Coordinator, 18th Judicial Circuit Court Family Violence Council, Wheaton,
IL). Shirley Earhart (Silent Witness coordinator, Lemmon, SD, new email
address), Verena Kaselitz (Project coordinator, Wave Network, Austria),
Melanie Martin (SW College Coordinator, RI, new email address), Diane Perez,
Sara McCammon, Antonia Leath (National Domestic Violence Hotline
Coordinators, Austin, TX), Shaun Thompson (National Domestic Violence
Hotline Director, Austin, TX), Amy Stoner, Stephanie Whitehead (Violence
Intervention and Prevention Coordinator, Macon, GA)

States on Board for October events:

These are the states I know of so far that are planning events for Sept/Oct.-- Connecticut, North Carolina, Minnesota, Rhode Island.
Please let me know ASAP if you are planning an event, even if you don't have
the details. It saves us making calls to all the states!!


THIS IS FREE TO ATTEND 2nd WORLDWIDE ROAD TO RECOVERY CONFERENCE August 8-11, 2002 RAMADA PLAZA HOTEL 1925 HARRISON ST HOLLYWOOD FL 33023 954-981-5616 Sharlene's ANGELS ON EARTH INC. Helping Survivors of Violence and Abuse become Thrivers http://conference2.tripod.com/DV

William B. Tollefson Ph.D. Women's Institute for Incorporation Therapy,
Andrew Sanderbeck Parent Leader The Family Source of Florida
Phyllis Walker, Hummingbird Studios Altanta Georgia, John Di Lemme New
Beliefs for LIFE, Dr. Felicia Ferrara, The Consolation and Evaluation
Center, Tampa Fl, Third World Majority, San Francisco California, Deborah
Blais Author Letting Your Heart Sing, April Colon, Survivor, Alive and
Free, Kallirroi (Lala) Nicolis Family Psychology Athens Greece, Kelly
Vates Author Shattered Innocence Indiana
Thomas Daniels Director of Last House Recovery Miami Florida, EBOK CATHERINE REPRESENT MY N.G.O.;UNITED ACTION FOR CHILDREN. From Africa

*Great to hear about survivors' conference. More power to you.

My name is Stephanie Whitehead. I am a member of Beulahland Bible Church in
Macon Ga where I formed a domestic violence/sexual assault support group and
then a ministry. I am a former survivor of both, now an advocate with the
local Crisis Center. I was blessed to incorporate a Violence Intervention &
Prevention Program in our Community.

1999 I took a little money and a lot of faith and had some tee shirts made
that said 'There's Your Way Out-Run' (A half opened door in the middle of
the shirt) on the back -Let's shut the door to domestic violence (A closed
door). Then with the raised money, prayer, faith and God's will I wrote and
published my first book (There's Your Way Out-Run! - (Escaping and
Recovering from the Cycle of Domestic Violence ). I have just finished with
the second book. I am pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. I received a
scholarship to attend a conference in August in Fl with the National
Coalition of Domestic Violence.

I am getting ready to incorporate training in clergy misconduct and behavior
in local churches in Macon. There is a lot of work to be done and a short
time to do it. We have too many deaths, abuse, children witnessing, etc...
We are working with local agencies to help our community and do our part.

Any advice or info you can give us please do so. You are doing good for
someone's life (I could have been a silent figure)

*Stephanie, this is wonderful work. We would love to see you develop a
Silent Witness exhibit for Macon. And if anyone can do it, you certainly
can!! Keep up the good work.

A new Silent Witness exhibit in Illinois: Madison County. Tina Culp gives us
the news. 

I contacted you once before about a year ago, and now our Family Violence
Coordinating Council (Third Judicial Circuit) here in Illinois has funding
to begin creating our own Silent Witness Exhibit for Madison County. We
have had 22 D. V. homicides in the past five years, and we want to take the
exhibit around the community to increase awareness of these tragic deaths
that should not have happened. I have been in touch with Cindy Wolfson and
she has been very helpful and supportive. Thanks for all that you do.

*And thanks for all that you are doing, Tina. Welcome to the network. Keep
us informed about how when you debut your figures.

Indiana Law Enforcement Academy sponsors: Domestic Violence Awareness &
Investigations Train-the-Trainer Seminar
August 21-23, 2002 Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Plainfield, Indiana
(Indianapolis Suburb) Tuition Free Course (limited to 50 participants)

Facilitators: Mike McCarty, Director of Public Training Institute. Laura
Berry-Berman, Ex. Director of the Indiana Coalition. Lisa Beran, Staff
Attorney with the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association. Waymon Brown,
specializes in working with men who are violent
Register Online: http://www.publictraining.com

*Nice to see so many men involved in the healing process.

More great news from Willy, one of the coordinators of the Gloucester men
who are so active with Silent Witness:
I am sorry I didn't respond to your last email sooner, but a group of us
have been trying to figure out how to integrate Silent Witness with our
efforts and we have an idea that I think might be very helpful, and that you
may want to pass on to other communities you are working with.

After various conversations it seems likely that some Latino men in Lynn,
MA, a large, poor, highly diverse city will recruit a few men to make a
group of figures, probably 44 in all. The figures Peace at Home has are
plywood, rather than plastic. What the plywood allows is this
possibility which a few of us came up with in a conversation among men:

To maximize the number of people who take ownership in Silent Witness and
what it stands for, we are hoping to have a few men make the figures and
then find a context where dozens or perhaps hundreds of middle school or
high school students in an urban situation can come up one at a time and
apply a brush of red paint, until the figures are completely painted. By
elevating the creation of the figures to a more or less sacred ceremony we
think there will a chance for many people to really connect with this and
have a chance to express their longings for less violence. We are still
thinking about whether it would be better to have boys and girls paint them
together, or to ask all boys to do it in a co-ed setting.

For purchase of the Gloucester Men's video (Breaking Our Silence) about how
men can combat domestic violence contact greenbau@shore.net or 978-282-4611.





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