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June 27 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This newsletter will be slightly abbreviated since I am leaving on vacation
mid-week. I'll be thinking of all of you as I venture out to Seattle,
Bellingham and Vancouver. I am looking forward to seeing the mountains, the
ocean and baseball!! I hope you are all finding some time to rest and
refresh this summer. It's so good for the soul.

Last weekend I was in Northern Minnesota at a lake and one night I saw the
Northern Lights careening across the sky at the same time as two sets of
Loons were serenading each other across the lake. The stars were out in all
their glory and the North Star was especially bright. I knew for certain
that all was well with the world.

Thanks for all you mean to me and thank your from all the Silent Witnesses
who count on you to change the world. Together we are doing just that.
Believe it.


Hold these dates: October 24-25 and 26-27. Helena, Montana.

You can not only come to the Silent Witness Steering Committee meeting but
also stay for two extra days (October 26-27) and get trained in two of the
Results Projects. The training is sponsored by the Montana Silent Witness
group. Details to follow.


Ann Zousmer (NCJW National Domestic Violence Chairwoman), Heather Borsdorf
(shelter for battered women, Wichita, KS), Sharon Shea (social worker, New
Fairfield HS, CT)



Susan Fuller reports more good news from Maine:

I wanted to let you know that I was recently appointed to the Governor's
Commission to study domestic violence in this state.  I am truly honored and
have high hopes for all we can accomplish.

The Silent Witnesses are very busy, as well.  We have had a request from a
group that works on family violence issues to come up to New Brunswick
Canada in October, because they are interested in creating their own
exhibit.  I have passed SWNI info on to them and will continue to encourage
that connection. I think they really want the local flavor. So, we have
agreed to make ourselves available and make the trip north with as many
witnesses as we have available at that time.

Our focus this fall is to organize the SW all over the state.  We are
currently connecting with each Domestic Violence agency to offer to get part
of the project to them (perhaps the silhouettes that represent the women
killed within their catchment area). I know that at least three of the
projects are on board in some way.  I am leaving the details of how they use
the silhouettes during the time that they have them up to them.  I will
always make myself available to counsel and brainstorm, but this is a great
way to reach far.

*Susan, all of this activity is wonderful, as usual. Invite the Governor to
read one of the Silent Witness plagues at a meeting!!  And the Silent
Witnesses are seeping out of the borders of Maine to Canada and beyond.


Patrick O"Donnell writes from Ohio about availability of his new video:

In answer to your question re: availability of the CITY OF SHELTER domestic
violence training series -- yes the series is for sale.  Pricing and
ordering information is on the CITY OF SHELTER web site -
www.cityofshelter.org <http://www.cityofshelter.org> .   In fact, yesterday
we received an order from Angela Doyle, Chairperson of the 16 Days of
Activism campaign in the Cayman Islands.   I offered to hand-deliver the
series to her.   For the past four years, Angela and a loyal group of
supporters have been bringing the problem of domestic violence to the
attention of the community.  Angela said they are fortunate to have great
support from the police commissioner and the media.  That's great to hear.
In case anyone in the Silent Witness "family" cares to contact Angela, her
e-mail is doyle@candw.ky <mailto:doyle@candw.ky> .

*And Patrick, it's great to hear the grand work you are doing in the
artistic end of things. It gets the message out so effectively. Thanks.


We will have a Silent Witness exhibit in Singapore soon. Mrs. Anamah Tan has
written Lois Herman that this will happen. What an exciting development.

Our Crisis Shelter is in operation now and certainly we can start a Silent
Witness Programme with our own users to begin with.  I would suggest that we
work together with the Family court, the Ministry etc and get government
support in such a programme
Mrs Anamah Tan President, SCWO

*Wow, we are connecting arms around the world. What a community of healers.


Rodger Mc Daniel returned from a leave in Washington D.C. excited about his
work and about the possibilities for using some of the Silent Witness
Results Projects in Wyoming. Here's one great idea he is going to pursue:

I did meet with Ms. Wiseman (of the Owning UP Program). I have brought back
much of her info and intend to include it in a package of material our group
will present to the school board. We are asking them to create a therapeutic
community in an alternative High School where the drug and alcohol user rate
is near 100%. Her program will be the centerpiece of that effort. I am so
glad to have learned of her work. I think it will be foundational to what we
are trying to do.

*And Rodger, we are glad that we connected with you. Wyoming is on the move.

On another note, Rose Mary Boerboom and I just met with Nancy Dawson, friend
and activist in Wyoming. She was visiting Minnesota to attend a training for
a new program she is interested in. We had dinner in an outdoor patio with
jazz playing in the background. What great friendships we are developing
across the country.



Following are the 1998 domestic homicide rates for women 18 and older by
intimate partners, for the largest United States cities (250,000 or more)
ranked from largest to smallest. The word ³up² or ³down² after the number
indicates whether this is an increase or a decrease from the year before.

Twenty-nine cities had decreases or no change in DV homicides rates and
twenty-nine cities had increases in the DV homicide rates. A few were
unknown.  The cities with the most decreases were San Diego, San Antonio,
Detroit, Memphis, Portland, New Orleans, Long Beach, Albuquerque, Las Vegas,
Sacramento, and Riverside. Congratulations to those cities. More power to
you all.  Let's make a goal to register decreases in  every major city next

New York City  33 up
Los Angeles  13 up
Chicago  22 up
Houston  17 up
Philadelphia  17 up
San Diego  3 down
Phoenix 12 up
San Antonio  3 down
Dallas  10 up
Detroit  1 down
San Jose  4 up
Indianapolis 9 up
San Francisco 3 up
Jacksonville  unknown
Baltimore  8 down
Columbus 7 up
El Paso 4 down
Memphis 5 down
Milwaukee unknown
Boston 1 no change
Washington  unknown
Austin  4 up
Seattle 3 up
Nashville 6 up
Cleveland 8 up
Denver 4 down
Portland 0 down
Fort Worth 2 down
New Orleans 4 down
Oklahoma City 5 up
Tucson 3 up
Charlotte 2 down
Kansas City 2 up
Virginian Beach 1 no change
Honolulu 2 down
Long Beach 1 down
Albuquerque 2 down
Atlanta 5 down
Fresno 1 down
Tulsa 4 up
Las Vegas 3 down
Sacramento 2 down
Oakland 4 up
Miami unknown
Omaha 4 up
Minneapolis 1 down
St. Louis 3 down
Pittsburgh 1 down
Cincinnati unknown
Colorado Springs 1 no change
Mesa 3 up
Wichita unknown
Toledo 3 up
Buffalo 2 up
Santa Anna 0 down
Arlington 4 up
Anaheim 4 up
Tampa unknown
Corpus Christi 1 down
Newark 2 up
Louisville 2 up
St. Paul 1 up
Birmingham 2 down
Riverside 2 down
Aurora 2 down
Anchorage 1 no change

I leave you today with this profound quote by Reinhold Niebuhr.

Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in our lifetime; therefore, we
must be saved by hope. Nothing which is true or beautiful or good makes
complete sense in any immendiate context of history; therefore we must be
saved by faith. Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone/
therefore, we are saved by love. No virtuous act is quite as virtuous from
the standpoint of our friend or foe as it is from our standpoint. Therefore,
we must be saved by the final favor of love, which is forgiveness.



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