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May 17. 2002

Dear Friends,
We are truly international and the network of women around the world is
working. The stories in this newsletter once again move me to my core.  We
have newsletter subscribers in 36 countries now and we are growing all the
time. I just found out about a program that has proven to be highly
successful for the economic development of women, especially in poor
countries. And we know that poverty lends itself to domestic violence. I'll
report on that program in another issue of the newsletter. Just remember
that everything happens in the Silent Witness network because each of you
has the passion to make change and to heal this world of DV.

Nermina-Nera Komaric (Rosa Center, Zagreb, Croatia), Twyla Sable (new SW
coordinator, Pittsburgh), Carole Geiger (new SW coordinator, Texas Council
on Family Violence), Lynne (poet, NYC)


We are thrilled to announce that Croatia is joining the Silent Witness
network. And this is due to the fine work of Nermina-Nera Komaric and
friends in Croatia, Gyorgyi Toth and NANE in Hungary and the discovery of
all of this by Lois Herman. What a wonderful network. Here is a note from
Lois Herman, our international ambassador.

Nermina-Nera Komaric, Rosa Center   Kralja Drzislava 2   Zagreb, Croatia

Zena Center is a non-governmental organization for women, founded in l992 in
response to war violence against women. Today, Zena Center has
multidimensional programs for women's human rights and empowerment as:
*Violence against women *Research & publications *Counseling *Shelter - said
to be the only shelter in Croatia *Employment & education programs *Crisis

By the time I reached Rosa in Zagreb, after the UN Human Rights Commission,
and the mission to Bosnia. I did not have any more Silent Witness materials



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