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February 9,  2001

Click here to read a special edition of the Silent Witness Newsletter: Rose Mary Boerboom's treatment and prevention approach to perpetrators called the Self-Mastery Workshop.

Dear Friends, 

Next week is Valentine's Day. This is a great day for Silent Witness to celebrate, to remind ourselves that there is still lots of love in the world. Next week is also the 10th anniversary of the debut of the first Silent Witnesses at the capitol in St. Paul, MN. I will be at the capitol again this year, to celebrate our anniversary and to accompany the original Silent Witness exhibit as it reappears in the capitol rotunda. The twenty-seven women who lost their lives have stronger voices now than they have ever had. We have kept their stories alive and we will continue to do so until there are no more domestic homicides. 

I'll be highlighting our Results Projects in the next several newsletters in the hopes that you will start one or two of them in your vicinity this year. We can offer you training in most of them, with excellent trainers and lots of energy and enthusiasm--and results. Our Results Projects are Owning Up (prevention program for adolescents), Self Mastery (Batterers Treatment), Stosny Treatment Model (Batterers Treatment), Court Watch, Coordinated Community Response, Mississippi Model (for adolescent African American males), DART (Church, synagogue prevention model), Taos Model (therapy for survivors) and data collection (accurate recording of homicide data). See 
the web site www.silentwitness.net (home page, icon on right side) for more details. We are getting between 50,000 and 60,000 hits on our web site every month so there is alot of interest out there. 

Cheryl Zeh (Victim Compensations Board, Sacramento), Bobbie spradley (friend 
of SW, Minneapolis, new email address), Sarah Follen (SW Coordinator, Jr. League of London, new email address), Leslie Caplan (Director, Newhouse, treatment center for battered women, Kansas city, MO), Nancy Rafi (SW Coordinator, RI, new email address). Sara Ciacci (Jewish Women Against Violence, Jewish Women International, Vancouver, BC,Canada), Donna Bennett (DART Program originator, Minneapolis), Neil Lapidus (business owner,Friend of Silent Witness, Minneapolis), Liora Brosbe (Student, Goucher College, Maryland). 


A summary of Lois Herman's meeting with Sarah Follen, our coordinator of SW in London. 

Lois met with Sarah Follen, President Kathy Perry, and Fiona at the Junior League of London/UK.She presented them with the Silent Witness video and books. 

The Junior League plans to introduce Silent Witness with a reception for donors and community partners, near the end of Feburary. They will officially launch Silent Witness on Domestic Violence Awareness Day in March. The Junior League also plans to look at the broad spectrum issue of domestic violence and links for Silent Witness to community resources. 

*We are so pleased that Lois got to meet with these great women. We are looking forward to the deatils of these new Silent Witness events in England. 

This note from Sharlene Humm, CEO for Sharlene's Angels On Earth Inc. 

Our mission is to help Survivors of Domestic Violence Stay Survivors, we are sponsoring the 1st National Annual ROAD TO RECOVERY Conference here in Fort 
Lauderdale Florida on August 20th through the 25Th, 2001, at the Broward Convention Center. We are letting you know that we are scheduling this 5 day event for networking, training and workshops along with alot of other exciting events, organizations and agencies etc. will be joining us from around the world, we will be sending out registrations forms in the next couple of months with the details. But would like you to come, and participate in this conference, so mark your calendars.  We hope you can join us, and if you would like to put on a workshop, seminar etc. during the conference please let me know. 

Sharlene's Angels On Earth Inc.954-981-5616 P.O.Box 22501 Fort Lauderdale, 
Fl 33335 

*Sharlene, the very best to you on this endeavor. Thanks for all your great work. 


This is such a winsome note that I just wanted to pass it along to you. It comes from Liora Brosbe, a college student in Maryland who is using all her resources well and bringing hope to her campus. 

I am a student at Goucher College, in Baltimore, Maryland although I am a native of the California Bay Area.I am working on a senior thesis that explores witnesses of domestic violence and the theatrical audience. My connection to drama therapy and activism lead me to an interest in this topic. I found out about your organization through a Jewish Women Leaders on-line listserve, and hope that my volunteer work and research can allow us to bring an event on campus. I would also like to order your book for my reference, "The Silent Witness Story," I will be in touch with Ms. Martin about networking and hope that I can learn more about your organization. Thank you so much, Liora Brosbe 

*It is so exciting to see such enthusiasm in the college age people. More power to you. 


Laura Katzif was only 14 when she read a poem for us at the national march in Washington in 1997. Do any of you remember her standing up on the stage with her mother who is one of our activists in Missouri? Her mother, Sally writes: 

My daughter Laura (Do you remember Laura, the poem-writer?) goes to George Washington University in DC. Hopefully, she can see you, too, at the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday in Washington. She is still volunteering during her summers and breaks at Legal Advocates for Abused Women (LAAW). In fact, I will be President of the LAAW Board beginning in April of this year for two years. So, as you see, we have stayed involved with the cause in a very big way. 

*This is so heartwarming, to see that young women who have been involved with Silent Witness are still going strong. Congratulations to Laura and to Sally for their leadership. 


Nancy Rafi, our coordinator in RI writes with this update: 

I wanted to let you know that there is a new chapter of Silent Witness in Rhode Island. The Women's Resource Center of South County (located in Wakefield, RI) has just received 5 of our Witnesses to start their own group. We are so excited! They have 
used the Witnesses at many different venues over the past few years and are now willing to take on a part of their own. This makes a total of 6 projects in RI! A small but mighty state! 

Melanie and I continue with SW. Unfortunately we have already had our first DV murder in 2001. A 19 year old woman, Katherine Brown, who lived in Barrington, RI was murdered by her boyfriend. There's a bit of controversy with this murder so we're hoping this is another chance to educate the public about dv, and hope we can gather support for this family...they held a memorial service for her yesterday. SW in RI's goal is to make this the ONLY DV murder this year. Last year we had 2. 

*Thanks Nancy. This is a mighty state and is one in which there is a great deal of activity so we are confident that there will be great results there. Keep up the good work you angels. 


There is activity for two new Silent Witness exhibits in Virginia (BPW, Lee's Summit Chapter) and in Illinois (Center for Prevention of Abuse, Peoria). More on each as they proceed and send us items for the newsletter. Congratulations to all who are working so hard on these endeavors. 

This message from Amanda Cunningham regarding your help with a paper she is 
writing this month. acunning@uswest.net

I am writing a paper for my MSW program on how the Silent Witness groups in different communities might impact individuals and families. I can identify the most obvious supports such as raising awareness, activism in the legislature etc. Are there any other ways that Silent Witness has made a difference in the community or in people's lives? I appreciate your help! 

*OK folks, here's your chance to tell Amanda personally how SW has affected you or your community. Just respond to her spontaneously when you read this and she will spread the word on how powerful the experience has been for all of us. 


I am starting here with you as a novice in this effort. I live in Orange County, CA and am the president of the National Council of Presbyterian Men (NCPM) of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Louisville, KY. 

As an organization we are presenting this second teleconference on Sunday, Feb. 25, 2001, 5:-7:00 PM EST via satellite. I can summarize this whole event by asking you to visit our site at www.presbyterianmen.org which has four simple pages about this event, how it can be down linked for free any where in the nation, and the topics, speakers, and their pictures/bios. No money goes to the PC (USA) and one does not have to worry about being influenced by them. We paid for everything in advance and we selected the panel moderator who selected the panelists. There will be an 800 number on the screen for call in questions. One wanting to participate needs to 
register with our offices in order to have the coordinates ("c" or "KU" band) faxed to them when they are known. I am going to stop here. Perhaps you will easily know how to pass along this information or tell me of other places you have listed here that I need to go to offer this event. Thank you! - Donald E. Travis Travishrs@aol.com 


This request from Nancy Hulse of Womynkind Productions: 
As you can see by my letter below I am an educator on domestic violence , and sexual assault . I am developing a new show , and have been searching for actual names of women murdered in domestic violence situations . Why is it so difficult to get a hold of this information . I feel that it should be easily accessible . Please send me this info as soon as you can . Thank you , nhulse@womynkind.org 

My name is Nancy Hulse, and I produce live, multimedia programs about women's issues. I currently have two main shows in production: "That Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady", which deals with relationship violence and, "A Rose by Any Other Name", which illustrates the impact of rape on women in our society. Recently I have developed two new "SPOKEN WORD" versions of my shows to help me reach the widest possible audience with this important message. Same content, same impact, but less technical and more intimate in nature. The full "Theatrical" versions of these shows are, of course, still available. 


Dorothy Lemmey our friend in Ohio writes with this special request for us: Together we have the power to be sure that messages that promote violence against women and girls do not go unchecked. 

No to Eminem campaign to counter the hateful messages of the rap singer on the Grammy Awards program, which will be broadcast on CBS on Wednesday, February 21. Eminem, whose songs glorify domestic violence and murder, is nominated for four Grammy awards this year including the prestigious "Album of the Year" for his latest album, Marshall Mathers LP. Marshall Mathers LP includes a song in which the rap singer talks about murdering his wife, Kim. Wife abuse, murder, rape, and other violence against women and gay people are consistent themes throughout his music. 

Eminem, 26, is a critically acclaimed and extremely popular rap musician. On both his albums, he performs songs about murdering his wife, Kim. He has written lyrics in which he fantasizes about raping his mother, who is suing him for these and other inflammatory lyrics about her. For more information about Eminem and to read his lyrics, go to www.eminem2000.com

So what do to? 

Send messages to CBS at www.cbs.com (click feedback) and the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences at www.grammy.com (click webmaster) urging them not to have Eminem perform on the program. Please cc speakingup@prsolutionsdc.com. See sample message in this issue; Urge CBS to run at least one public service announcement on domestic violence during its national broadcast of the Grammy Awards; and Suggest that the program be balanced by having the host or a presenter address the terrible cost of domestic violence to our families and our society. 

I leave you today with a love poem from Pablo Neruda (Nobel Prize for Poetry). this is my gift to you for Valentine's Day. 

There where the waves shatter on the restless rocks 
and the clear light bursts and enacts its rose, 
and the sea-circle shrinks to a cluster of buds, 
to one drop of blue salt, falling. 

O bright magnolia bursting in the foam, 
magnetic transient whose death blooms 
and vanishes--being, nothingness--forever: 
broken salt, dazzling lurch of the sea. 

You and I, Love, together we ratify the silence, 
while the sea destroys its perpetual statues, 
collapses its towers of wild speed and whiteness: 

because in the weavings of those invisible fabrics, 
galloping water, incessant sand, 
we make the only permanent tenderness. 

> 100 Love Sonnets, Number IX 




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