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February 01, 2002

Dear Friends,
This is a very exciting newsletter because of the new things that are happening, not only around the world, but at Silent Witness and on our web site. I can't wait for you to go and see our new goals, our SW Organization's web site page, and our Remembrance Candle page. And I am deeply grateful to our web master, David Peterson, for constructing the candle page and also our SW angels, Dorothy Lemmey and Ken Schmidt for constructing the SW Organization's web page and the description for building web pages. They will also coordinate the candle page. I love it when SW activists step forward and bring their creativity to Silent Witness. Thank you.

Linda Wright (Mother of a survivor and SW supporter), Lori Meyer (Missouri, new email address), Melissa Warner (Jr. League of Ann Arbor, Dating Violence Prevention Committee), Kelly White (Nail Technician, Minneapolis).


This great note comes from Sylvia Richardson in Canada:
Our group in New Brunswick is moving along nicely. We're getting requests now to do our presentation across the province, and are told that we have caught the attention of public officials at the provincial governmental level. So we get inspiration to keep going. I'd like to send you a book mark that we've developed. 

*Sylvia, you are moving along quickly in getting public officials to recognize your work. Great. Send me the book mark. I can't wait to see it.

Our coordinator in Missouri, Nanci Bobrow gives us this wonderful update of their activities. Wow:

Throughout the Fall, 2001, Missouri¹s Silent Witnesses have been active in getting the message out, in October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and with plans to travel through April, 2002, for Child Abuse Prevention month, and Crime Victims¹ Rights Week. The Silent Witnesses were displayed in several areas around the state by the Southeast Missouri Family Violence Council. The Maryville University Health Center included the witnesses as an integral part of their weekend college anti-violence program. Sponsored by Legal Advocates for Abused Women (LAAW) and St. Louis County, some of the Silent Witnesses stood vigil in the window of the Justice Center in Clayton for an entire month, making a powerful statement. 

Silently bearing witness, the silhouettes participated in the Lighting The Path ­ Relationship Violence Awareness In The Jewish Community program sponsored by the Jewish Council Against Family Violence, Jewish Family and Children¹s Service, Jewish Women International, NA¹AMAT and NCJW ­ St. Louis Section. We listened to a panel of experts in the field of domestic and relationship violence and learned about what is being done to assist Jewish women and their families in the St. Louis region. 

St. Louis Section has been partnering with the Girl Scouts with the Silent Witness exhibit being part of the Project Anti-Violence Education (P.A.V.E.). The Girl Scouts Heart of Missouri Council included the statues at a reunion of P.A.V.E. participants ages 5 through 18 and their parents and also at a Carousel Training event for adult volunteers in Columbia. The service project for these events was to collect toiletries and supplies for the women in domestic violence shelters in the area. At three St. Louis High Schools which conduct anti-violence projects as part of the P.A.V.E. ­ Peer Mentoring Program, the Girl Scout Council of Greater St. Louis will incorporate the Witnesses into events at Hancock Senior, Sumner and Pruitt Military Academy,

*Nanci, this is amazing, how many lives you are touching with the Missouri SW exhibit. Keep up the great work.

New York: 
Linda Wright, from Buffalo, NY, wrote us about her daughter's abuse by her boyfriend. She and her daughter were the subject of a 
newspaper article on the daughter's harrowing escape from her boyfriend and her mother's dogged work in getting the case before the courts. It is an amazing story and may be on one of the talk shows soon. I'll keep you all posted if it appears. But Linda passed along this touching story about angels, and, of course, my ears perked up. I pass it along to you.

There was one thing my daughter held on to when things were really bad and that is the time 11:11. A while back I read somewhere that 11:11 is the only time when all the numbers are the same and at 11:11 all the angels are looking down. I told Amy this and we talked about the angels being my sister, father, and brother, who had all passed away. My sister and dad passed away before any grandchildren were born so they never met Amy. Anyway, the day after Amy escaped she said that 11:11 was the one thing that helped her. Whenever she looked at the clock and it said 11:11 she knew the angels were looking down and that she did not deserve to be treated like this and that someday she would be free.

Linda adds this, "It's really odd but during the time my daughter was going through her ordeal I frequently saw 11:11 on the clock. Now that she is safe I very rarely see it. "

*Well, that's how those angels work. Now we have even more proof!! 

Monica Patridge, of Leadership Medford sends us this inspiring message:

I am part of the Medford Chamber of Commerce Leadership class this year. For our group project, we are constructing 8 silent witnesses and donating them to the Dunn House, a domestic violence women's shelter here locally. We have a member of the class who deals in fabrics and is willing to donate some nice, sturdy fabric for the body bags.

*I'm thrilled that leaders in the community chose SW as their project. I attended Leadership Minneapolis several years ago and I know that this will make an impact in the community. What a great thing to do. Congratulations, Leadership Medford and Dunn House.


Silent Witness Homicide Data Collection:
Good news for our data collection project. We will now supplement our FBI state-wide data on intimate homicides with additional data. We have had suggestions that, along with the women who were murdered by intimate partners, we include the other people who were murdered along with them, like friends, other family members etc. So if you keep this data and would like to send us the names and relationship of the bystander to the woman, we will supplement your state's data on our web site. Thanks for this help.

Silent Witness Organizations Web sites:
Dorothy Lemmey and Ken Schmidt designed this place on our web site to highlight the countries and states who have designed Silent Witness web sites. Go to the home page and click Photos or use the link below and see the great photos from the web sites of Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Montana. There is even a pregnant SW figure. And Ken has designed a plan for you to create a FREE web site for your state. All the information is in this new part of our site.

Here's how the introduction to the site reads:
In order to add richness to the Silent Witness International project this web site was designed to share visual ideas, feature individual work, add interest and validate the old cliché of "a picture is worth a thousand words." You can access the page from the home page or click on: Photos, check out web page photos of organizations Go> Or go to http://www.silentwitness.net/sub/org_web_page_photo.htm

This page includes national and international web pages that feature pictures of production, set up, display and media coverage of their exhibit. If you have a web site set up with pictures please email a web page address with a short description of your project to dotlemmey@aol.com . If you don't have a web page and would like to set one up with your organization's description and photos there is a step-by-step description on the web page identified by the line: To learn how to create your own silent witness web site for free click here 

Silent Witness Remembrance Candle Page:
This new page on our web site is so moving you will have a hard time leaving it. We are honoring and remembering the women and men who were murdered in domestic violence by naming them and lighting a candle in their memory. Or you can just light a candle for yourself and remember them. We will post the names of the people whom you honor and remember. What an incredible way to remember what we are all about; zero domestic homicides by the year 2010. We are 40% of the way there and we have a lot to do, but we are doing it. Go to www.silentwitness.net/sub/candle.htm or access it from our home page: light a candle.

Silent Witness Mission, Vision and Goals for 2002-2006 www.silentwitness.net/sub/swni.htm

Mission Statement

Promote peace, healing and responsibility in adult relationships in order to eliminate domestic murders in the United States by the year 2010.


* Promote successful community-based domestic violence reduction efforts in order to reach zero domestic murders by 2010.

Silent Witness goals: FIVE year goals 2002-2006

* 50 States and 30 countries with multiple Silent Witness exhibits and October events.

* 75-85% drop in U.S. domestic violence homicides for women and men, to 400 per year for women and 240 for men.

* 5000 successful Results Projects in all 50 states and 15 other countries.
Court Watch, Self Mastery Treatment Model, Coordinated Community Response, DART, Mississippi Model for African American teens, Taos Model for counseling survivors, Empower for adolescents, Data Collection, Corporate Prevention Models. 

* 25 states and 5 countries with zero domestic homicides for women and men for one year.

* Accurate domestic violence homicide statistics and data collection in all 50 states and 15 other countries.

* Collaboration with 10 other organizations on projects to bring hope and healing to the domestic violence movement in the world.

Huge goals, huge visions and all the passion and energy to get there. Will you help us do it???

Janet Hagberg is traveling to Southern California
In late February (Feb. 19-24) I am visiting Silent Witness activists and other community leaders in San Diego and Los Angeles. I am so excited about this trip and will fill you all in when I return. If you have not been contacted already and would like to meet with me in either of these cities, please email me soon at jhagberg@mn.rr.com

I leave you today with a poem from Wendy von Oech. It's about candles and light and seemed appropriate on the day we inaugurate our remembrance candle on our web site. If you would like to thank Wendy for this beautiful poem, her email is Wendy@creativethink.com

Light Blessing
(Light a candle and imagine the flame burning in your heart, and in the world)

You are the Light of the world.
Let your Light shine!

Let Light be in your heart,
burning away fear and despair,
igniting your passion and creativity,
illuminating a path of truth and compassion.

Let light be in your relationships,
melting anger and resentment,
radiating forgiveness, understanding and love,
inspiring acts of courage and honesty.

Let light be in the world,
transforming darkness,
creating peace, unity and healing,
connecting people of different cultures,
and bringing Joy to the world.

You are the Light of the world.
Let your Light shine!




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