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Dear Friends,
A very happy and memory-filled new year to all of you. What a year this has been. We've lost some of our dearest friends, the Wellstones, but out of this tragedy we are already sensing more activity and passion on their behalf. We have received ten Sheila Shawls already and they are beautiful.
We are planning to make scarves for the fathers and brothers of women who've been murdered in DV, as well as quilts for kids who've been involved. Be looking for patterns for these on our web site.

I just returned from a fabulous trip to Oregon, visiting our SW activists
out there. I felt warmly welcomed and am excited about so many things that are happening on many fronts. More details below. Thanks to Annie Neal and Leonese Holthaus for hosting me in Portland, to Judy Moody for hosting me in Cous Bay, and to Emily Heilbrun for hosting me in Eugene. I loved being in all of these places and meeting so many fine and dedicated people. Angels everywhere.

Shelia Clark (survivor, Virginia), cynthia Watts (survivor, KY), Debra
Spears (Chair, DV Committee, Fairfax County Zonta Club, VA), Renee Chappell (Lexington-Fayette KY Urban County Government), New Oregon subscribers: Portland; Lisa Metcalf (Native American Family Healing Circle), Aisha Jimoh (Cares NW), Hannah Bohart (AmeriCorps), Carolyn Arntson, Mark Storey (Director, Raphael House), Wendy Hunt, Terrie Quinteros (Bradley Angle House), Frank Baccellieri (brother of a Silent Witness), Tetyana Smolyansky, Cathy Nolan (Bradley Angle House), Miriam Aronoff (Bradley Angle House), Joe Hagedorn, Emi Martinez (Bradley Angle House), Fawn Gusth (Bradley Angle House), Stella Funk (Survivor, Soroptimist Intl), Cous Bay; Women's Safety and Resource Center, Karen Herzog, Anglea Guye, Char Luther (facility manager, Cloe House), Amy Levin, Janet Iida, Liz Tarrant (Cloe House Program Coordinator), Julia Prince, Kathy Low (Cloe House Case Manager), Lynda Cole, Ruth Speaker, Lisa Overton, Jodi Wacenske, Rebecca Ferguson, Nancy Coddington, Sara Swartling Eugene;Elaine Walters (hospital work, consultant), Jana Rygas (former CDC Grant Administrator), Evelyn Anderton (Development Director, ShelterCare), Audrey Block (DV Council grant


Sarah Follen, our former SW Coordinator with the Jr. League of London updates us on their activity:

Thank you for your message. Things are going well here. We have had
interest from a number of groups for the figures, and we have received good publicity. Requests for the exhibit are being handled by our Community Impact Team, which is working well. Happy New Year to you, and I will send you some pictures of our most recent exhibit. All the best for 2003!

*Thanks, Sarah, for this update. It's so nice to know that the Witnesses aremaking their voices heard in London.

New York:
Maureen Wopperer of the Jr. League of Syracuse sent a whole packet about their outreach to businesses and corporations in the Syracuse area. They have teamed up with Vera House to do this work. Their packet includes photos of the exhibit and guidelines/contracts for companies to follow in using the exhibit, along with workplace violence information. Verizon Wireless has been their corporate sponsor. Verizon is interested in teaming up with other Jr. Leagues across the country to continue this work. What a great story-- so much collaboration. Keep up the good work,

Men involved in the Clatsop County's DV intervention program made Silent Witnesses for their county this fall, as a way to educate the community about the issue of abuse and also to make amends for their crimes. One man who was painting a figure said he realized he hurt a lot of people through his actions and now evaluates upsetting situations before reacting. He wanted to work on making the Silent Witness figures so the family would know that the woman it represented wouldn't be forgotten. "Nobody should have to live that way," he said. The figure he was making represented Amver Luna-Romero of Clatsop County. Thanks to Amber Murray of the Eugene SW program for providing this story.

Rhode Island:
Melanie Martin, our new RI SW Coordinator writes:

I have some neat news to fill you in on. First, we have a new vice
president, Susan Gustaitis. She works for the Women¹s Resource Center of South County with Ben. She is new to SW and is excited about being involved.

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