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Links To Other Helpful Organizations

Results Project Links

Global Village Communications
Coordinated Community Response Training Video

Original Court Watch Program, Minnesota

Owning UP Project
The Empower Program is a gender violence prevention program that works with youth in the DC metropolitan area and youth service workers nationally to provide skills and strategies for recognizing and intervening in violence ranging from gay bashing to bullying to dating violence and sexual assault. We train educators to administer our programs in other locations. We also provide speakers on issues of assault, sexual harassment, social hierarchies, gossiping, and

Court Watch, Louisville National Council Of Jewish Women

Stosney Treatment Program

Silent Witness State Websites

Montana Silent Witness Initiative

Organizations Working to End
National Domestic Violence

National Council of Jewish Women

The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc.

Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence

Family Violence Prevention Fund

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund

American Bar Association

National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Working to end domestic violence by empowering women and children and changing community standards.

US Government Financial Assistance Programs For Women
Helpful resources for obtaining a US government grant or loan for small business or personal use. Also reveals templates of REAL winning grant applications and business plans. Free Newsletter

Social Science Information Gateway
The Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) is a freely available Internet service which aims to provide a trusted source of selected, high quality Internet information for students, academics, researchers and practitioners in the social sciences, business and law. It is part of the UK Resource Discovery Network.

Book List
A list of books on domestic violence

Kids Rights Organization

Family Onwards, London UK

Gift From Within
Resource for Survivors

American Institute on Domestic Violence 
workshops: domestic violence as a workplace issue.

Millennium Divorce
Helps with sane and healing divorce.

Emerging Women
A site that empowers women to be all they can be; featuring the Life Enhancement Course, a woman's forum, info and resources on domestic violence.

Silent Tears, Inc.
Celebrating Your Right to Equality in Relationships.

Team Cares
A nonprofit organization that provides resources and support 
for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Battered Women / Women in Distress
An organization that strives to provide the "abused and battered victims" of the world information they can use to either get out of the situation they are currently in or get advice from other abused victims that may help them.

Women Against Domestic Violence 
A group of women from around the world who have joined together in the fight against Domestic Violence.

United Angles Against Domestic Violence

DomesticAbuse Help
An artistic site provided by a survivor who has written her story of recovery in the book Journey of Healing.

Volcano Press

Volcano Press was one of the first publishers of domestic violence books. This site is a resource for Counselor's Guides, Anger Workbooks, and other tools for implementing treatment on abuse and domestic violence.


An international poetry/art project against violence

Women's Faith Force Ministry
Helping stop domestic violence one heart at a time "This resource center offers a bibliography for parents and children around a number of traumatic life situations. Go to their web site for more information. Contact Stephanie Stephanie Harris (612)627-4014

Established at the University of Minnesota Child Care Center to provide a “living” memorial to Kami’s commitment to education through books. It serves as a unique and important resource for educators and caregivers of young children now and for years to come.

Relationship Smart
Everything Relationships, from Abusive Relationships to Zodiac Relationships.




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